Adjective "jingly" definition and examples

Definitions and examples


  1. 'Even crashing incompatibilities, bathos, or undesired jingly phonetic similarities seem not to impinge on their consciousness.'
  2. 'This book is beautifully presented and tied with a red ribbon complete with jingly bell.'


1. to make clinking or tinkling sounds, as do coins, keys, or other light, resonant metal objects when coming into contact or being struck together repeatedly: The keys on his belt jingled as he walked.

2. to move or proceed with such sounds: The sleigh, decorated with bells, jingled along the snowy road.

3. to sound in a light, repetitious manner suggestive of this, as verse, a sequence of words, or piece of music.

4. to make rhymes.

More examples(as adjective)

"playings can be jingly."