Adjective "Jetted" Definition and Examples




    1. a stream of a liquid, gas, or small solid particles forcefully shooting forth from a nozzle, orifice, etc.

    2. something that issues in such a stream, as water or gas.

    3. a spout or nozzle for emitting liquid or gas: a gas jet.

    4. jet plane.

    5. jet engine. verb (used without object), jetted, jetting.

    6. to travel by jet plane: to jet to Las Vegas for the weekend.

    7. to move or travel by means of jet propulsion: The octopus jetted away from danger.

    8. to be shot fort



    "walls can be jetted from points."

    "surfaces can be jetted from points."

    "outputs can be jetted in/at/on evenings."

    "outputs can be jetted up to places."

    "pockets can be jetted."

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