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A large flat-sided metal container for storing or transporting liquids, typically petrol or water.
  1. 'The cargo was contained in hundreds of plastic jerrycans, ten of which had spilled, contaminating a considerable area of Djibouti port.'
  2. 'The shipping containers with their remaining plastic jerricans are still leaking and have been put in a specially constructed isolation area within the port.'
  3. 'With bottled water in short supply, many residents turned to the next best thing: large plastic jerrycans, which they planned to fill with tap water.'
  4. 'Extra fuel tanks may need to be fitted together with spare jerricans.'
  5. 'Others are returning from wells dug by humanitarian non-governmental organizations with plastic jerrycans filled with water.'
  6. 'If you've never fetched water, known how heavy the jerrycans can be, how each drop is precious, you can't really enjoy a bubble-bath.'
  7. 'In media criticism terms, this is twenty M80s, half a jerrican of gas, ten packs of sparklers and a six-pack of Pop Rocks - all waiting for a spark.'

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1. Also called blitz can. Military. a narrow, flat-sided, 5-gallon (19-liter) container for fluids, as fuel.

2. British. a can with a capacity of 4½ imperial gallons (

5.4 U.S. gallons or 20.4 liters).

More examples(as adjective)

"gasolines can be jerrycan."


(jerry can)Second World War: from Jerry + can, because such containers were first used in Germany.