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Characterized by abrupt stops and starts.
  1. 'His jerky movements - if he wasn't a pop star you'd assume it was nerves - match his angular London accent when he talks.'
  2. 'The main symptoms are sudden, severe dizziness, partial deafness, sounds in the ear and jerky eye movements.'
  3. 'The battles are sometimes awkward with the jerky bugs stopping in place before being blasted into squiggles of DNA.'
  4. 'His movements were jerky, nervous; he was almost running.'
  5. 'She pulled to a jerky stop at the foot of the front stoop.'
  6. 'Their lips fail to synchronize with the dialogue, and their movements are jerky.'
  7. 'They arrived with a jerky stop and they left the train together.'
  8. 'Louise moves to the opening of the lounge, in stiff jerky movements as though hampered by the knitting of broken bones.'
  9. 'He shook his head in small, terrified jerky movements.'
  10. 'Focus on keeping your movements smooth and fluid rather than abrupt and jerky.'


Meat that has been cured by being cut into long, thin strips and dried.
  1. 'Maybe you'll even have some change left over for a candy bar or a pack of beef jerky.'
  2. 'Dante took a slice of beef jerky that was in his pocket and gave it to the boy.'
  3. 'They each got two strips of jerky for meals, each about as long as a man's hand and as thick as two fingers.'
  4. 'The $5,000 also has gone toward buying things like beef jerky, anti-fungal foot cream and DVDs.'
  5. 'The money must be paid in cash, to each person in refugee camps as they line up for their daily cup of dirty water and dried beef jerky.'
  6. 'Native Americans once used the fruit to make pemmican, a type of meat jerky.'
  7. 'We climbed up and Nick took two bottles of soda and a bag of beef jerky from his secret stash.'
  8. 'I almost added beef jerky, but that was just too costly.'
  9. 'She had shoulder-length gray hair and skin resembling beef jerky.'
  10. 'There is also a small selection entitled ‘for the gastronome’, proffering beef jerky, buffalo cheese and a French cheese platter.'


1. characterized by jerks or sudden starts; spasmodic.

2. Slang. silly; foolish; stupid; ridiculous.

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"movements can be jerky due to effects."

"movements can be jerky."

"openings can be jerky."

"nods can be jerky."

"moves can be jerky."

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(jerky)Mid 19th century: from American Spanish charqui, from Quechua.