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Relating to Jamaica or its people.
  1. 'a Jamaican cop who refuses to play by the rules'
  2. 'We don't necessarily market ourselves as Jamaican, although that is sometimes unavoidable and sometimes desirable.'
  3. 'Toby is an ex-public schoolboy, who lives in Brixton, talks with a Jamaican accent, and wears dreads.'


A native or inhabitant of Jamaica, or a person of Jamaican descent.
  1. 'He was one of Garvey's most important contacts when the Jamaican first came to America in 1916.'
  2. 'Curiously, although Jamaicans are the largest group, professional dance is dominated by Trinidadians.'
  3. 'Young Jamaicans have been combining the best of U.S. hip-hop and UK dance culture for years.'


1. of or relating to the island of Jamaica or its inhabitants. noun

2. a native or inhabitant of Jamaica.

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"governments can be jamaican."

"prime ministers can be jamaican."

"people can be jamaican."

"veterans can be jamaican."

"parents can be jamaican."

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