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Not even or balanced in shape or arrangement.
  1. 'It is not that Thomas deliberately creates irregular shapes.'
  2. 'Melanomas and other skin cancers usually have irregular shapes.'
  3. 'Most asteroids are very irregular in shape.'
  4. 'This irregular arrangement of atoms not only defines a substance as glass, but also determines several of its properties.'
  5. 'Each panel features an elongated, irregular rectangle painted in acrylic in red, blue or black against a contrasting hue.'
  6. 'The irregular shape of the cornea distorts the image causing it to blur, unlike in a lazy eye where the eye is essentially normal.'
  7. 'Electron microscopy revealed polygonal tumor cells with round nuclei having slightly irregular contours and prominent nucleoli.'
  8. 'Dandruff is irregular in shape and does not adhere to the base of the hair.'
  9. 'Unfortunately, most were not well-formed single crystals but were somewhat irregular masses.'
  10. 'The resultant aggregates may have many internal lipid lined compartments, which contributes to its highly irregular shape.'
  11. 'an irregular heartbeat'
  12. 'I've started school again, so updates will probably be in irregular intervals.'
  13. 'Postings may sometimes be irregular this week, since I'm at a conference.'
  14. 'When he finally drew away, her breathing was irregular and she appeared flustered.'
  15. 'Side effects of emergency contraception are nausea, vomiting and irregular bleeding.'
  16. 'Income can be withdrawn at irregular intervals to suit individual circumstances as long as the payments are in accordance with the above limits.'
  17. 'During the rest of the wintering season, surveys were conducted at irregular intervals.'
  18. 'Quivering or irregular contraction of heart muscle fibers, preventing the heart from contracting as a unit and pumping blood effectively.'
  19. 'For example, many tropical species reproduce at irregular supra-annual intervals.'
  20. 'The syndrome should be suspected in women with hirsutism, irregular menstruation, or infertility.'
  21. 'Special announcements and features appeared on a somewhat irregular basis.'
  22. 'The only specimen of P. ramispina bears a few small, irregular branches, but is otherwise similar to E. siniansis; it does not merit a separate taxon.'
  23. 'The fasciated stem extended in one plane, and the phyllotaxy of floral primordia was irregular.'
Contrary to the rules or to that which is normal or established.
  1. 'Apparently such procedural irregularities, including violations of long-standing court rules, are not so irregular.'
  2. 'It is no secret that some departments and individuals have overspent during the past financial year - not forgetting the irregular expenditure under investigation.'
  3. 'Their rather irregular position within the Church of Ireland could not really continue.'
  4. 'He is to take up the ANC's decision, which he called irregular and unacceptable, with the Local Government and Housing official.'
  5. 'If irregular bleeding started with introduction of a new contraception pill, a change in the type of pill will be considered.'
  6. 'However, this was found in contradiction of OUSU rules, necessitating an irregular by-election to be held via an extraordinary meeting of the Postgraduate Assembly.'
  7. 'The gentle formality of the house contrasts strongly with its irregular context and neighbouring suburban dwellings, but it does have precedents in New Zealand.'
  8. 'In the last financial year Australia had 4450 asylum-seekers arrive in irregular fashion, that is, boat people.'
  9. 'Urge incontinence results from irregular and unexpected bladder contraction, causing the patient to feel an urgent need to relieve herself or himself.'
  10. 'The tax situation becomes a little more complex for onshore bondholders who plan to draw down regular or irregular amounts.'
  11. 'Those operations will most certainly involve combat against both regular and irregular forces.'
  12. 'As the theatre of war moved south, so did the smallpox, primarily affecting civilians, camp followers, and irregular troops in both armies.'
  13. 'The fighting force was to be divided into three irregular units.'
  14. 'The Army's 1899 Philippine Campaign led to important doctrine for irregular warfare.'
  15. 'Terrorists are illegal irregular combatants who violate international laws and murder innocent civilians; they can and should be targeted.'
  16. 'Much of the countryside remains under the control of the Afghan warlords who use heroin money to maintain their irregular armies of up to 10,000 each.'
  17. 'Before the state commission army, forces were assembled from diverse sources, including mercenary bands and irregular bodies of troops raised by local nobles.'
  18. 'Noriega had become increasingly dictatorial, relied on irregular paramilitary units, and was involved in drug trafficking.'
  19. 'From now on, they were to be regarded as the irregular troops of a military alliance at war with the United States, and indeed the civilized world as a whole.'
  20. 'A better term might be irregular warfare, war against enemies unable or unwilling to field professional armies.'
(of a verb or other word) having inflections that do not conform to the usual rules.
  1. 'In some irregular verbs, these functions are served by different forms.'
  2. 'The reader will not find lists of irregular verb forms or instructions for punctuating dialogue.'


A member of an irregular military force.
  1. 'Other combat units went in and used better reconnaissance and fighting skills to methodically eliminate the irregulars.'
  2. 'One report said that British forces faced ' lightly armed irregulars '.'
  3. 'He's learnt that irregulars and paramilitaries can cause problems, using things like human shields.'
  4. 'Beware of irregulars and infiltrators trying to pass as civilians.'
  5. 'The mission, supposed to take roughly an hour, degenerated into a 15-hour shootout between 120 American soldiers and several thousand Somali irregulars and clan militia.'
  6. 'In its essence, this battle was typical of all those against the Iraqi irregulars.'
  7. 'Meanwhile, specially trained anti-guerilla units, cavalry and African scouts and irregulars did much of the actual fighting.'
  8. 'The basic U.S. strength in Afghanistan is 17,000 troops of " straight-legged " infantry - conventional forces ill-prepared to handle irregulars.'
  9. 'Apparently, this is equally true among guerrillas and other irregulars.'
  10. 'The Filipino operational center of gravity was the ability to sustain its force of 100,000 irregulars in the field.'
An imperfect piece of merchandise sold at a reduced price.


    1. without symmetry, even shape, formal arrangement, etc.: an irregular pattern.

    2. not characterized by any fixed principle, method, continuity, or rate: irregular intervals.

    3. not conforming to established rules, customs, etiquette, morality, etc.: highly irregular behavior.

    4. not according to rule, or to the accepted principle, method, course, order, etc.

    5. Grammar. not conforming to the prevalent pattern or patterns of formation, inflection, construction, etc., of

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    "moves can be irregular in itselfs."

    "tracks can be irregular at alls."

    "shields can be irregular in shapes."

    "rhythms can be irregular with meals."

    "results can be irregular as results."

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    Late Middle English (in the sense ‘not conforming to rule (especially that of the Church’)): via Old French from medieval Latin irregularis, from in- ‘not’ + regularis (see regular).