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Of or concerned with investigating something.
  1. 'We do need to make sure that Congress is doing its job of investigative oversight.'
  2. 'Then he'll take over as director of security firm Garda's investigative division.'
  3. 'A disciplinary panel of judges would need to be established along with an investigative unit.'
  4. 'Bruguire is an investigative magistrate empowered to view French domestic and foreign intelligence material.'
  5. 'Pressure groups can appear as witnesses at the investigative hearings held by committees of Congress.'
  6. 'Danov proposed that the investigative services become part of the police.'
  7. 'To reach its conclusions, the investigative committee had to do a bit of digging.'
  8. 'The investigative personnel allege that this is consistent with international practice.'
  9. 'He also added a detail that had been overlooked in the investigative file.'
  10. 'It has been unfair at the investigative stage and it has been unfair at the trial stage, not so much the judge but the prosecutor.'
  11. 'Tehelka has defended the actions of its investigative journalists.'
  12. 'Now, add in the fact that investigative journalism is really expensive for newspapers.'
  13. 'Independent investigative journalism that tries to expose the crimes of the powerful is essential, but on its own it has limits.'
  14. 'I've always said that the risks in investigative journalism tend to be overstated in Australia.'
  15. 'How Bates financed this project is a question that has eluded some of the country's finest investigative business journalists.'
  16. 'There is certainly the potential for a chilling effect on investigative journalism and for significant injustice.'
  17. 'The role of an investigative reporter is to expose falsehood wherever it occurs, without fear or favour.'
  18. 'If they are that desperate for a news story perhaps some investigative journalism might be in order.'
  19. 'It will be delving deep into the big cultural issues and events of the day, with a mix of investigative journalism and reviews.'
  20. 'We shall be popping round there anytime soon to do some serious Friday afternoon investigative journalism.'


1. to examine, study, or inquire into systematically; search or examine into the particulars of; examine in detail.

2. to search out and examine the particulars of in an attempt to learn the facts about something hidden, unique, or complex, especially in an attempt to find a motive, cause, or culprit: The police are investigating the murder. verb (used without object), investigated, investigating.

3. to make inquiry, examination, or inve

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