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Written or printed between the lines of a text.
  1. 'Each includes the Iban text version, with interlinear glosses, and English translations, supplemented by occasional passages contextualizing the songs.'
  2. 'It offers an interlinear translation (primarily for studying the traditional Latin Mass) which follows the word ordering of the Latin text of the traditional Roman Mass.'
  3. 'Artscroll's website offers a free download of these psalms plus one more, with interlinear English translation, to facilitate their widespread recitation.'
  4. 'We give the Greek text, with an interlinear translation as literal as may be to be useful.'
  5. 'The beginning of a paragraph is usually indented in print, unless preceded by an interlinear space, but not always in handwriting or word processing, nor in display material.'
  6. 'Micro-typography deals with letters, the relationship between letter spacing and words, word spacing, lines, interlinear spacing, columns, punctuation, and so forth.'
  7. 'a Greek-English interlinear New Testament'
  8. 'For instance, in New Testament research it offers the possibility of transforming the Greek text into an interlinear text with grammatical tags, the lexical form of the word, and a word by word English translation all aligned for interlinear analysis, followed by various translations of the text into English or other languages.'


1. situated or inserted between lines, as of the lines of print in a book: a Latin text with interlinear translation.

2. having interpolated lines; interlined.

3. having the same text in various languages set in alternate lines: the interlinear Bible. noun

4. a book, especially a textbook, having interlinear matter, as a translation.

More examples(as adjective)

"translations can be interlinear."

"glosses can be interlinear."


Late Middle English: from medieval Latin interlinearis, from inter- ‘between’ + Latin linearis (from linea ‘line’).