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Say (something) abruptly, especially as an aside or interruption.
  1. no object 'Christina felt bound to interject before there was open warfare'
  2. 'She also ignored his voice and did not try to seek him out visually when he would at times interject comments during the exam or immediately afterwards.'
  3. 'Dr. Sears interjects comments on issues concerning fathers and marriage.'
  4. 'He mediates arguments between the pilgrims and interjects his comments throughout the different tales.'
  5. 'Hayden just looked on in amusement, interjecting an occasional smirking comment.'
  6. 'To interject a personal note here, I eat meat, sometimes happily, sometimes queasily.'
  7. 'As wonderful as it is to relive these music video memories, I'm forced to pause and interject criticism.'
  8. 'One can only regret that he will not be able actually to preside at the marriage ceremony and be given the opportunity to interject a number of his jokes into the proceedings.'
  9. 'At various points, the director and members of the cast interject voiceover comments about the proceedings.'
  10. 'The member interjected the whole time during the question, and now wants to ask a question.'
  11. 'At this point in the tale, the Knight interjects a question.'

More definitions

1. to insert between other things: to interject a clarification of a previous statement.

2. Obsolete. to come between.

More examples(as adjective)

"remarks can be interjected."


(interject)Late 16th century: from Latin interject- ‘interposed’, from the verb interjicere, from inter- ‘between’ + jacere ‘to throw’.