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Relating to, involving, or affecting several generations.
  1. 'The rugby club is an interesting example of inter-generational equity at the moment.'
  2. 'Only two studies have tested aspects of Bowen's specific theory of intergenerational transmission.'
  3. 'Senior citizens also participate in an intergenerational reading project.'
  4. 'Many state pension schemes are Paygo, expressing what is called ' intergenerational solidarity '.'
  5. 'When urban workers were laid off, their families offered financial support and inter-generational mutual help.'
  6. 'More is needed to prevent a bigger intergenerational transfer burden from bedeviling our political future.'
  7. 'There is a strong commonsense notion of intergenerational continuity in behavior.'
  8. 'Economists debate the magnitude of the intergenerational income correlation.'
  9. 'While there are exceptions, few congregations operate as true intergenerational communities.'
  10. 'Therefore, we can speak of an intergenerational transmission of male unemployment.'


1. of, relating to, or for individuals in different generations or age categories: intergenerational housing.

More examples(as adjective)

"transfers can be intergenerational."

"equities can be intergenerational."