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Relating to, moving, or situated between two or more galaxies.
  1. 'These larger jets shoot out from galaxies into the intergalactic medium.'
  2. 'The planet they crashed on is in the middle of an intergalactic war.'
  3. 'The hot gas pours out of this hole, spewing energy and superheated particles into the halo and sometimes beyond, into intergalactic space.'
  4. 'As charged particles, cosmic rays are deflected by galactic and intergalactic magnetic fields during their travel to Earth.'
  5. 'But in intergalactic space, which accounts for most of the volume of the universe, there is less than one atom for every ten cubic meters.'
  6. 'Scientologists have already named it their intergalactic leader.'
  7. 'They will learn how plastic bottles can be transformed into scaled-down versions of intergalactic craft, when all eyes turn to the skies at the university this weekend.'
  8. 'Nestled between matter-rich filaments and superclusters are ‘voids’ of intergalactic space.'
  9. 'And they are only about 2.5 million light-years apart, barely a stone's throw in intergalactic terms.'
  10. 'Its benefits included intergalactic space travel at warp speed.'


1. of, existing, or occurring in the space between galaxies: The science-fiction movie was about an intergalactic war.

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"fossils can be intergalactic."

"dancers can be intergalactic."

"adventures can be intergalactic."

"travels can be intergalactic."

"times can be intergalactic."

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