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Relating to or involving different religions or members of different religions.
  1. 'As a Roman Catholic and a scholar whose research focuses on Islam, I am frequently involved in interfaith dialogue.'
  2. 'The Government has taken steps to promote interfaith understanding.'
  3. 'He sought to allay fears that he would set back attempts at interfaith dialogue.'
  4. 'The celebrations started with an interfaith prayer.'
  5. 'For most of this essay my explicit focus has been interfaith dialogue.'
  6. 'But why would the Vatican make such claims after three decades of ecumenical and interfaith dialogue?'
  7. 'Both Muslims and Christians here agree on the urgent need for interfaith dialogue to bridge the religious gap.'
  8. 'I am the product of an interfaith and intercultural marriage.'
  9. 'They meet weekly for panels, dialogues, interfaith services and strategy sessions to craft their message.'
  10. 'We'll ask our interfaith panel about how he reached out to other religions.'


1. of, operating, or occurring between persons belonging to different religions: an interfaith service.

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"centers can be interfaith."

"dialogues can be interfaith."

"committees can be interfaith."

"centres can be interfaith."

"networks can be interfaith."

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