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Showing curiosity or concern about something or someone; having a feeling of interest.
  1. 'I've never seen them and I'm interested to hear what kind of noise they make.'
  2. 'If people are interested, I'll stick up the March stats when they come in.'
  3. 'We are interested to hear about day-to-day journeys as well as stories of exciting or unusual events.'
  4. 'I bet you never watched it out of curiosity because you are just not interested.'
  5. 'People are interested, thinking maybe there is a simple answer, maybe there is a formula.'
  6. 'I would be very interested to hear what teenagers thought of this show, put it that way.'
  7. 'Similar sessions will be open to all other interested council staff.'
  8. 'I'm interested to hear any thoughts or answer any questions concerning this.'
  9. 'If you are interested please contact Peter or Denise at the Centre for further information.'
  10. 'I was interested though in the way bloggers have changed how news is reported.'
Having an interest or involvement; not impartial.
  1. 'There are a lot of interested parties in terms of the Edinburgh property market.'
  2. 'We have many interested parties already involved in many countries and on all continents.'
  3. 'It is also vital that all interested political parties be allowed to be a part of the national conference.'
  4. 'All former tennis club members and any other interested parties are asked to attend this meeting.'
  5. 'But they stressed there was still a chance for interested parties to get in touch.'
  6. 'A social evening is also part of the night and all interested parties are welcome.'
  7. 'That is why the council is presently consulting with all interested parties about what people want from a new building.'
  8. 'We are conscious of taking into account all the information from all interested parties.'
  9. 'However, for interested parties, he infers that he is willing to tell all.'
  10. 'A request for time for consultation with interested parties was denied.'


1. having an interest in something; concerned: Interested members will meet at noon.

2. having the attention or curiosity engaged: an interested spectator.

3. characterized by a feeling of interest.

4. influenced by personal or selfish motives: an interested witness.

5. participating; having an interest or share; having money involved.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be interested in things."

"people can be interested in people."

"places can be interested in things."

"people can be interested in places."

"people can be interested in parts."

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