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Having all constituent parts linked or connected.
  1. 'we live in a globalized, interconnected world'
  2. 'At the same time, interconnected streets reduce the need for major arterial streets that slice through the neighborhood.'
  3. 'His larger vision is often subsumed in the interconnected, disconnected families whose lives he's chronicling.'
  4. 'A mysterious videotape is at the center of a series of events for a group of interconnected characters.'
  5. 'The movie is a series of small, interconnected love stories, all based out of a salsa club in London.'
  6. 'In its geometric central hall, the artist has created a large wooden spiraling structure out of rotating interconnected loops.'


1. to connect with one another. verb (used without object)

2. to be or become connected or interrelated. adjective

3. Telecommunications. pertaining to customer-owned equipment that is connected to or has access to the public telephone network. pertaining to companies that supply equipment to customers: a leading interconnect company.

More examples(as adjective)

"systems can be interconnected."

"strategies can be interconnected."

"networks can be interconnected."

"roles can be interconnected."

"economies can be interconnected."

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