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Existing or conducted between colleges or universities.
  1. 'When we speak of intercollegiate sports, it is important to note that they have become so diverse that we must first group them into categories.'
  2. 'The closest he gets to the sports scene nowadays is covering intercollegiate athletics for the University newspaper.'
  3. 'These range from intercollegiate athletics to veterinary medicine.'
  4. 'Of particular concern, Carter says, is a dramatic increase in the amount of money going into intercollegiate sports.'
  5. 'The success of women's sport, and particularly intercollegiate basketball, brings with it other issues stemming from the corrupting effects of success and money.'
  6. 'It recommends the establishment of an independent institute for intercollegiate athletics.'
  7. 'The sharp increase in the number of men's intercollegiate sports that have been dropped over the past 30 years is cited to prove the case.'
  8. 'Topics span career services, partying behavior, intergroup relations, student health, resident life, academic counseling and intercollegiate athletics.'
  9. 'Briggs won back-to-back national intercollegiate titles and captained Harvard his senior year to a national title.'
  10. 'He explicitly asks why universities should conduct intercollegiate athletics in the first place.'


1. taking place between or participating in activities between different colleges: intercollegiate athletics.

2. of, relating to, or representative of two or more colleges.

More examples(as adjective)

"sports can be intercollegiate."

"programmes can be intercollegiate."

"lectures can be intercollegiate."