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(of a pop group, record label, or film company) not belonging or affiliated to a major record or film company.
  1. 'Are they a natural conclusion to what the girl-led indie groups of the mid 90's didn't finish?'
  2. 'Of course, it's not nearly as under as the three indie films hitting the market this weekend.'
  3. 'The fact that we've been invited to play France and Sweden within a year of releasing our first album on a tiny indie label bodes well.'
  4. 'One does not normally think of labels milking the minor successes of lo-fi indie groups, but apparently it happens.'
  5. 'It's an attack on the entire indie business, taking easy and long agreed upon swipes at the commercialization of what was once about art.'
  6. 'It sounds surprisingly like a power-pop act putting out a single on an indie record label.'
  7. 'Making the rounds of uncomfortable, dysfunctional indie films seems to be a career choice for her, and I'd like to see her in something I could enjoy.'
  8. 'The strength of an indie film is in the script and the acting.'
  9. 'They started on small indie labels and made the jump to a major label.'
  10. 'By reading both, indie filmmakers will be equipped with all the business knowledge they need to find success in the indie film world.'
  11. 'But it is true that the indie promoters say they won't take the money unless the song proves it has at least a shot.'
  12. 'So I moved on from that pretty quickly and started working on a lot of indie films, mostly sci-fi and horror stuff at first…'
  13. 'So, these five tracks were obviously enough to plant the seeds for a happy indie label contract, but what of the other three?'
  14. 'For an indie short film, the production values are downright impressive.'
  15. 'I think we're just more anti-corporate, because there are a lot of indie labels that act the same way as the majors.'
  16. 'Of these 21 songs, seven come from indie labels, 14 from majors.'
  17. 'But despite quality movie stars, the switch to English, and a more accessible story, this is still very much an indie film.'
  18. 'Anyone involved in the indie film world cannot help but notice that a growing number of filmmakers are self-releasing their movies.'
  19. 'Consumers are fed up with the major-label side of the industry, and many bands have felt let down by the indie labels.'
  20. 'But when you are talking indie film, shouldn't there be a higher standard?'
  21. 'This style of indie pop often takes the latter route, making it easy to overlook but that much more seductive.'
  22. 'The play their own unique style of melodic lo-fi indie rock, with flowing guitar lines, soft vocals and fat drums and bass.'
  23. 'It starts in a traditional indie style, building to a climax before breaking into an incredible disco stomp.'
  24. 'It's about instant access to Hollywood classics, new releases, indie fare and grassroots films, at any time, on any device.'
  25. 'In the new age of indie vogue, film festivals - once rare and vital vehicles for showcasing independents - are now a dime a dozen.'


A small independent pop group, record label, or film company.
  1. 'There's a complexity to it all, mixing indie with harder rock.'
  2. 'Their inside knowledge gives their boutique roots/country label a leg up on a lot of other indies; when they need to, they can play the majors' game.'
  3. 'It's ploddy, 4/4 guitar driven indie that clutches on the coat tails of just about every band that came out of England in the 90's.'
  4. 'You'll find everything from rock and indie to emo and hip hop, and entry is £2 before 11 pm and £3 after.'
  5. 'Possessing licensing deals with the major labels and indies has become an important selling point to attract consumers away from the free file-trading sites.'
  6. 'The indies continue to thrive against the odds and, more importantly, they have the vision, the music and the passion to make you a believer in the future of our business.'
  7. 'Well, we were only on an indie for three months and when we signed to a major, our album didn't come out for a year and a half after that.'
  8. 'It's a move the band was practically forced to pursue after none of the Canadian indies the band shopped their demo to were responsive.'
  9. 'Napster Canada has licences from the big five labels as well as indies.'
  10. 'After the big sellers - the Christmas albums - are done for the season, the record stores stock the indies again, so now we're seeing a big difference.'
  11. 'He closes by examining the few films - mostly little-known indies - that he believes portray the city in a fuller, truer fashion.'
  12. 'Another huge difference between major studio distribution choices and indies is expectation.'
  13. 'The other foreign-finance indies are playing it much closer to the vest.'
  14. 'Part of the main drag downtown was closed to traffic, and every night all kinds of films, classics to indies, were screened outside for free.'
  15. 'I don't buy into the conspiracy against indies theory.'
  16. 'Of course, a indie / dependent studio is, in many ways, a collective licensing scheme.'
  17. 'This is the kind of filmmaking that renews my faith in indies.'
  18. 'And while occasional events can happen for the other true indies, the disparity between the haves and the have-nots is getting greater.'
  19. 'Do indies have a real voice at the Academy, assuming that we don't count Miramax as an indie?'


1. an independently or privately owned business, especially a film or music company that is not affiliated with a larger and more commercial company: to work for an indie.

2. a movie or other work produced by such a company.

3. a genre of music, especially pop or rock, that is independently produced.

4. a person who works for an independently owned business or is self-employed. adjective

5. noting or relating to an indie: an indie film producer; an indie video game.

6. notin

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"musics can be indie."


1920s (first used with reference to film production): abbreviation of independent.