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Not conforming with generally accepted standards of behaviour, especially in relation to sexual matters.
  1. 'Couple charged with indecent behaviour for holding hands in public.'
  2. 'Accordingly, the Act makes it an offence to display publicly any indecent matter.'
  3. 'In terms of the Act it is illegal to commit any nuisance or disorderly or indecent act on an aircraft, to be intoxicated or to behave violently.'
  4. 'While the move was to keep rash driving and indecent behaviour in check, the law seems to be falling short on reach.'
  5. 'What constitutes an indecent act is determined by what the courts feel are the community standards of the day.'
  6. 'She saw a male following her performing an indecent sexual act.'
  7. 'He has been charged with stalking, indecent acts and indecent dealing.'
  8. 'For an act to be indecent, it has to happen in a public place - and context is everything.'
  9. 'He told police he committed an indecent act in the cubicle.'
  10. 'Police are trying to track down a man seen performing an indecent act in a Colchester car park.'
Not appropriate or fitting.
  1. 'I am seated with almost indecent haste and am handed a menu.'
  2. 'Michelangelo left Rome with a haste that struck some of his friends as indecent.'
  3. 'If any visions appeared owing to this kindly ecclesiastical intervention then they must have disappeared with indecent haste.'


1. offending against generally accepted standards of propriety or good taste; improper; vulgar: indecent jokes; indecent language; indecent behavior.

2. not decent; unbecoming or unseemly: indecent haste.

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"places can be indecent for standards."

"assaults can be indecent."

"materials can be indecent."

"exposures can be indecent."

"acts can be indecent."

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Late 16th century: from French indécent or Latin indecent-, from in- ‘not’ + decent- ‘being fitting’ (see decent).