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Not staying the same throughout.
  1. 'What we say is that old-Earthers are inconsistent in their belief in an old Earth and a literal Adam and literal Fall.'
  2. 'Mr Gill referred us to a number of authorities which, he submitted, demonstrated that unfair and inconsistent treatment provided grounds for judicial review.'
  3. 'His evidence was at times exaggerated, inconsistent and illogical when it came to describing the quality of some aspects of his construction.'
  4. 'The present law is foolish, outdated, inconsistent, and ridiculous.'
  5. 'Because human rights concepts tend to be very elastic and open-ended, they are capable of being given a wide range of meanings, including inconsistent meanings.'
  6. 'As we remarked when contrasting knowledge with belief, it is inconsistent to say ‘I know but I may be wrong’.'
  7. 'Overall, the moral excuses for war we have been fed are at best inconsistent, illogical and hypocritical.'
  8. 'The party cannot afford to choose leaders whose conduct and principles are inconsistent and always seem to be ready to move with the wind.'
  9. 'A demon possessed person cannot be reasoned with… having an illogical, inconsistent and brute-like thought process.'
  10. 'Further, the IAT adopt an internally inconsistent and irrational approach to the said issues.'
  11. 'parents can become inconsistent and lacking in control over their children'
  12. 'I also know that we fickle, inconsistent humans come equipped with varying abilities to perceive flavors.'
  13. 'This man is incongruous, inconsistent and unreliable and is the latest saviour for the opposition.'
Not compatible or in keeping with.
  1. 'In my view, their evidence is completely incompatible and inconsistent with such a portrayal.'
  2. 'That would have been quite inconsistent with the whole nature of a waiver as a discretion to be exercised on the merits of the individual case, and with the Waivers Policy.'
  3. 'This is grossly inappropriate behaviour and completely inconsistent with the image of honesty and integrity to which she likes to pretend.'
  4. 'The existing tariff schemes are inconsistent with the principles of deeper integration more specifically that of the Customs Union.'
  5. 'This difference has been interpreted as inconsistent with a mechanism based on filament elasticity.'
  6. 'Evidently, these principles are not inconsistent with one another.'
  7. 'At this scale, politics has to operate in a way which sometimes is incompatible and inconsistent with micro-scale politics.'
  8. 'It is inconsistent with the principles of fundamental justice to deny a legal source of marijuana to people who have been granted ATPs and licences to produce.'
  9. 'Such investigations are accordingly inconsistent with the principle of proportionality.'
  10. 'Excluding Serbia would be inconsistent with our principles of inclusiveness.'


1. lacking in harmony between the different parts or elements; self-contradictory: an inconsistent story.

2. lacking agreement, as one thing with another or two or more things in relation to each other; at variance: a summary that is inconsistent with the previously stated facts.

3. not consistent in principles, conduct, etc.: He's so inconsistent we never know if he'll be kind or cruel.

4. acting at variance with professed principles.

5. Logic. incompatible (def 4b).|

More examples(as adjective)

"counts can be inconsistent over times."

"uses can be inconsistent with laws."

"people can be inconsistent in/at/on years."

"levels can be inconsistent with things."

"funds can be inconsistent with intents."

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