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Lacking sense or meaning; silly.
  1. 'Californian hippies in suits intone the inane and never-challenged mantra that information wants to be free.'
  2. 'To pretend that her critics have merely misplaced their anger is psychobabble of the most inane sort.'
  3. 'Brooke glanced back out the window, away from this boy and his inane and pointless questions.'
  4. 'I reminded myself of the inane woman I once overheard in a garden shop.'
  5. 'Yet in my winding down from work I feel compelled to continue filling the awkward silence with inane conversation.'
  6. 'However, if you ask him to write a story he will bore you to death with the most inane and purely factual account of the events you can imagine.'
  7. 'My clock beeps because I don't like waking up to loud music, or some inane DJ telling me what a wonderful day it is.'
  8. 'The more time there is to fill news, the more inane things are going to be said.'
  9. 'This question, as inane as it might seem, is extremely important and far deeper than one would suppose.'
  10. 'I am very disappointed that the Minister of Finance interrupts with such a silly, inane comment.'
  11. 'But we are digressing from a totally pointless and inane post here.'
  12. 'After about an hour full of restless moments and inane thoughts, finally it was 2 p.m.'
  13. 'I try to be as stupid and inane as possible about serious subjects, like a bloke in a pub.'
  14. 'Why did he continue to make those inane movies and those bad songs?'
  15. 'Some people chew gum when they quit smoking - I just find more inane things to obsess about.'
  16. 'Additionally, it is inane to suggest that any Texas voters will be confused or misled by our client's website.'
  17. 'He is over fond of parenthesis and inane wisecracks.'
  18. 'Then it's back to earth for an inane, no-brain, audience-participation pub quiz.'
  19. 'I brace myself for something offensive or vulgar or just inane enough to cause me to stifle a laugh.'
  20. 'Granted, the ‘how many times a day do you think about it’ question is completely inane.'


1. lacking sense, significance, or ideas; silly: inane questions.

2. empty; void. noun

3. something that is empty or void, especially the void of infinite space.

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"questions can be inane."

"phraseologies can be inane."

"lives can be inane."

"comments can be inane."

"chatters can be inane."

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Mid 16th century: from Latin inanis ‘empty, vain’.