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Failing to possess or display prudence; unwise.
  1. 'But it would be impolitic to blame the government which, the Post reminds us, has spent billions of dollars on urban renewal.'
  2. 'He says what he thinks and does what he thinks will work; his plain and sometimes impolitic speaking does him good with voters.'
  3. 'The secretary of defense had evidently concluded that to agree to the reinforcements would be impolitic.'
  4. 'The politically cowardly crowd believe that it is impolitic to be opposed to anything.'
  5. 'Though widely acknowledged as a dazzling strategist, his impolitic, in-your-face bravado clashed with the staid Air Force culture.'
  6. 'Either it was impolitic to make this question his defining issue, or he did not feel confident of his own facility in making the argument.'
  7. 'Confidence in regards to what, the Duke wanted to ask, but decided it would be impolitic.'
  8. 'Then he jerked as he realized he did recognize her and his jaw fell open in a most impolitic stare.'
  9. 'One impolitic move, one unkind remark, one wrong motion - and it will boil over to the detriment of one and all.'
  10. 'His impolitic bluntness ultimately got the best of him.'


1. not politic, expedient, or judicious.

More examples(as adjective)

"projects can be impolitic."

"resistances can be impolitic."