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The person who leads prayers in a mosque.
  1. 'So, at most madrasa graduates can aspire to become teachers in madrasas, imams in mosques or else open another madrasa of their own.'
  2. 'He was walking with an imam who feared his mosque was under threat.'
  3. 'The imam is a prayer leader, the muezzin the caller to prayers in each community.'
  4. 'The bilal calls the faithful to prayer, and the imam leads them in prayer.'
  5. 'While I was offering a supererogatory prayer, the imam entered the obligatory prayer.'
  6. 'There are a number of traditional religious practitioners as well as Muslim imams, Catholic priests, and Protestant ministers.'
  7. 'The men sat outside the house with the imam, who led the wedding prayers.'
  8. 'On Fridays Muslims attend a service at a mosque in which an imam leads the prayer and usually gives a sermon.'
  9. 'A shortage of qualified imams means British mosques look abroad for clerics, often to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan.'
  10. 'Among those who attended were several imams of mosques and teachers at Muslim madrasas.'

More definitions

1. the officiating priest of a mosque.

2. the title for a Muslim religious leader or chief.

3. one of a succession of seven or twelve religious leaders, believed to be divinely inspired, of the Shiʿites.

More examples(as adjective)

"institutions can be imam."

"schools can be imam."

"preachers can be imam."


From Arabic 'imām ‘leader’, from 'amma ‘lead the way’.