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Light up; brighten.
  1. 'Everywhere is pure, light illumines the ten directions, and the ten thousand dharmas [things] are one as is.'
  2. 'Its pathway is illumined by the reflected light from the rose window - shards of blue, scarlet, pale gold that shimmer.'
  3. 'But as it is, such knowledge of exemplary forms is impossible, though the light of God illumines the forms of particular things that we encounter in the world so that we can come to know them.'
Enlighten (someone) spiritually or intellectually.
  1. 'He was surrounded by people who had many powerful ideas and who illumined him to the point where they could wind him up and then he could do his special stuff.'
  2. 'God continually illumines us, both dwelling upon us and dwelling among us.'

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1. to illuminate.

More examples(as adjective)

"foams can be illumined."


(illumine)Middle English: from Old French illuminer, from Latin illuminare (see illuminate).