Adjective "Ill" Definition and Examples




    1. of unsound physical or mental health; unwell; sick: She felt ill, so her teacher sent her to the nurse.

    2. objectionable; unsatisfactory; poor; faulty: ill manners.

    3. hostile; unkindly: ill feeling.

    4. evil; wicked; bad: of ill repute.

    5. unfavorable; adverse: ill fortune.

    6. of inferior worth or ability; unskillful; inexpert: an ill example of scholarship.

    7. Slang. great; amazing: His mom is the illest cook. noun


    "people can be ill for times."

    "people can be ill at eases."

    "people can be ill in hospitals."

    "people can be ill for months."

    "dates can be ill with cancers."

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