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Deserving or causing public disgrace or shame.
  1. 'Books, in fact, provide some of the best examples of this ignominious protectionist tendency in Irish history, North and South.'
  2. 'However it has not been plain sailing for the American since his arrival at Meadowbank last month in wake of the Scots' ignominious start to the BBL season.'
  3. 'Such is the suffering, ignoble and ignominious, it inflicts on the viewers.'
  4. 'Why then has the Nice treaty ratification ended in such ignominious defeat?'
  5. 'The recent ignominious defeat for John McEnroe's much touted Davis Cup team underlined the problem.'
  6. 'To rub salt in the wound Germany then took second place in the section with a similar margin of victory as they capped possibly the most ignominious week in the history of English sport.'
  7. 'Moreover, he ‘leads’ the team from ignominious to defeat to ignominious defeat.'
  8. 'This joke has an ignominious history in my own life.'
  9. 'Impressively, in a short time you succeeded where Soviet peace efforts struggled for ten years before giving up in ignominious failure.'
  10. 'After Germany's ignominious defeat in World War I, Hitler made Germans feel good for ten years, anyway.'


1. marked by or attended with ignominy; discreditable; humiliating: an ignominious retreat.

2. bearing or deserving ignominy; contemptible.

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"ends can be ignominious."

"defeats can be ignominious."

"retreats can be ignominious."

"pasts can be ignominious."

"backs can be ignominious."

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Late Middle English: from French ignominieux, or Latin ignominiosus, from ignominia (see ignominy).