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A mixture of sugar with water, egg white, or butter, used as a coating for cakes or biscuits.
  1. 'When the door shut behind him, I dipped my finger into the icing and tasted it.'
  2. 'You would have been confronted with the dull thud of abstract nouns and adjectives sprinkled about like chocolate chips on the chocolate icing of a chocolate cake.'
  3. 'These icings are a perfect way to top off your organic desserts or turn your black forest cake into a truly eco-friendly treat.'
  4. 'Thin with water if icing is too thick to drizzle.'
  5. 'As trade with the New World increased, cochineal became the standard dye for a wide variety of uses, from the red coats of British soldiers, to the red tints of artists' paints and the coloring of pastry icings.'
  6. 'The icing is lifeless and the cake is flat and dry.'
  7. 'One birthday, she had chocolate cake with pink icing, and she and two friends spent the entire afternoon running through the sprinkler.'
  8. 'Re-melt the chocolate if necessary, and then drizzle over the icing.'
  9. 'The carton says: ‘Great for cakes, icings, biscuits, French toast, quiche, batters and coatings for baking or frying!’'
  10. 'While cake is baking, make the icing by mixing together cream cheese, creme fraiche, butter, vanilla, sugar and walnuts.'
The formation of ice on an aircraft, ship, or other vehicle, or in an engine.
  1. 'Signs of engine icing could include loss of power, abnormal or slow RPM response to throttle movement, and indications of engine surge or stall.'
  2. 'The report also confirmed that the icing may not have been noticed by Mr Baldwin because of safety implements fitted in the vehicle.'

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1. a sweet, creamy spread, as of confectioners' sugar, butter, and flavoring, for covering cakes, cookies, etc.; frosting.

2. Meteorology. a coating of ice on a solid object.Compare glaze, rime1 .

3. Aviation. the freezing of atmospheric moisture on the surface of an aircraft.

4. Ice Hockey. the act of a player shooting the puck from the defensive half of the rink over the opponent's goal line, but not into the goal, as a defensive maneuver to keep the puck out of the reach of at

More examples(as adjective)

"wells can be icing."


the icing on the cake