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Relating to Iceland or its language.
  1. 'The Icelandic language resembles Russian just enough to emit a similar impression.'
  2. 'Ragged trousers and a fuzzy Icelandic sweater are his work clothes.'
  3. 'The most spectacular anti-lava effort in history occurred on the Icelandic island of Heimaey in 1973.'
  4. 'Since then Icelandic group Baugur has snapped up Big Food Group, the owner of the ironically-named Iceland supermarket chain.'
  5. 'Orkney's largest fishing vessel and one of the biggest in the UK fleet, Orcades Viking III, has been sold to an Icelandic company.'
  6. 'It will be difficult enough being Berti Vogts in Reykjavik next Saturday without his Icelandic counterpart making it harder.'
  7. '‘I've been paired with two Icelandic lads and I'm glad about that,’ said Hurst.'
  8. 'In November a consortium of Icelandic businessmen paid £5.5million for a 66 per cent stake in the club.'
  9. 'New Icelandic blogger Great Auk has a pretty inspiring report of what Friedmanite economics have done for Iceland in recent years.'
  10. 'The owners of a Stansted-based low-cost airline have made a ‘sterling’ move in their conquest of Icelandic air travel.'


The language of Iceland. A Scandinavian language, it has remained closely similar to Old Norse, due partly to the geographical isolation of Iceland and partly to a policy of avoiding loanwords.
  1. 'We thought the songs were good as they were, and, you know, our other titles were in Icelandic, so people didn't understand anything anyway!'
  2. 'Faroese is similar to Icelandic and stems from Old Norse.'
  3. 'It's a place that might have more bloggers per capita than Ireland - Icelandic is a popular blogging language.'
  4. 'Her wavy hair fell over her shoulders, and he could hear her softly speaking to them in Icelandic.'
  5. 'They go at the drinking and lust in an elegantly unselfconscious manner and there is no Icelandic word for ‘excuse me’.'
  6. 'In our version, the Danes will be speaking English, and Grendel will be speaking Icelandic.'
  7. 'Did I ever mention that I spent years in my early teens struggling with learning Icelandic and Norwegian?'
  8. 'Such a requirement has also presented technical difficulties for the analysis of V2 languages like Icelandic.'


1. of or relating to Iceland, its inhabitants, or their language. noun

2. the language of Iceland, a North Germanic language.Abbreviation:Icel.

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"crowns can be icelandic."

"volcanos can be icelandic."

"glaciers can be icelandic."

"administrations can be icelandic."

"radios can be icelandic."

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