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A soft, sweet frozen food made with milk and cream and typically flavoured with vanilla, fruit, or other ingredients.
  1. 'The brief dessert menu offers ice cream and pancake as well as baklava and kadaif.'
  2. 'Of the puddings, a warm chocolate fondant with peanut ice-cream and artichoke caramel really stood out.'
  3. 'You can sample any of them with mini ice-cream spoons, from a tray of jars dedicated to that purpose.'
  4. 'All that followed by apple pie, custard and vanilla ice cream is my idea of heaven.'
  5. 'I have grown-up children and fortunately they were never big ice-cream lovers.'
  6. 'Visitors to Ripon may mistake the green and cream shelter in the Market Place for an ice-cream kiosk.'
  7. 'I had a choc covered flake cone, and was frustrated to find ice-cream melting onto my fingers.'
  8. 'A passing ice-cream vendor did well however, when he stopped to see what was going on.'
  9. 'My sticky toffee pudding with tablet ice cream was the only standard-issue part of our whole meal.'
  10. 'We defined high fat dairy food as whole milk, ice cream, hard cheese, butter, and sour cream.'
  11. 'We then sat by the river for the while, had an ice cream and chatted, and then went back to Gillian's, and chatted.'
  12. 'Desserts cost £2.95 and featured home-made puddings, gateaux and ice creams.'
  13. 'But I would actually have one of my dad's ice creams on the island.'
  14. 'Now the firm, which could normally supply about 25,000 ice creams or lollies in a summer week, is nearing the end of its stock.'
  15. 'Adding eggs leads to a level of richness that eggless ice creams most certainly lack.'
  16. 'We had an ice cream in the cafe afterwards, and here's Deidre looking very relaxed.'
  17. 'Way back then an ice cream cost one old penny before galloping inflation set in.'
  18. 'Even middle-aged and old people relish the taste and take homemade or branded ice creams as dessert.'
  19. 'I sit down with an ice cream and tell myself that the semi-random walk showed me some less familiar bits of Rome.'
  20. 'I loved the trip to the bakery because that meant that I'd be treated to an ice cream.'

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1. a frozen food containing cream or milk and butterfat, sugar, flavoring, and sometimes eggs.

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(ice cream)Mid 18th century: alteration of iced cream.