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Completely surrounded or covered by ice.
  1. 'This dramatic shift to an ice-bound climate explains the existence of frozen mammoths and the demise of a number of megafauna.'
  2. 'Its best sequences, involving sirens, an ice-bound ship and a giant octopus, are great fun and the pace is relentless.'
  3. 'I am sure his daughter in ice-bound Toronto appreciates a diary that provides useful information like when Vesak Day is.'
  4. 'This is considered to be the first glimpse of an AFP in an ice-bound state.'
  5. 'Rogers speculates leopard seals might use these clicks to echolocate food and air holes during dark, ice-bound winters.'
  6. 'They were attempting to escape their ice-bound ship and find help.'
  7. 'In the small fishing village of his forebears Quoyle discovers an ice-bound version of Sea Change's Pearl Bay.'
  8. 'The remainder focuses on Jack's efforts to trek cross-country through the blizzards to save his estranged son Sam, who's trapped in ice-bound Manhattan.'


1. held fast or hemmed in by ice; frozen in: an icebound ship.

2. obstructed or shut off by ice: an icebound harbor.

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"canals can be icebound."

"pitches can be icebound."

"vessels can be icebound."

"ships can be icebound."

"mountains can be icebound."

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