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Affected by or deriving from wildly uncontrolled emotion.
  1. 'the band were mobbed by hysterical fans'
  2. 'The young woman had crying fits, which were interspersed with screams and bursts of hysterical laughter.'
  3. 'Wyman concedes it's rare, nowadays, for new bands to be greeted by hysterical fans at the airport, the way the Stones were in the '60s.'
  4. 'Recently, hysterical fans of the Taiwanese boys' band, F4, caused a great sensation in Shanghai.'
  5. '‘Hi everyone, this is Budi,’ she announced, making a real effort not to trip and break out into hysterical laughter.'
  6. 'Then the corners of her mouth began to curl upward, and a moment later, hysterical laughter was bubbling from her chest.'
  7. 'For others, the word joy did just what was it was told, making the victim hysterical and pretty much uncontrollably giddy.'
  8. 'But then I read the whole thing through and I just sat there for ten minutes in hysterical laughter - he had pulled it off!'
  9. 'Then a wild, almost hysterical gale of laughter burst from her.'
  10. 'She wasn't emotionally disabled or hysterical but in these day she used to cry almost all the time.'
  11. 'And as he watched her in confusion, Shelley's chuckle turned into an uncontrollable, hysterical fit of laughter.'
  12. 'More of their side-splitting, hysterical brand of humour which at times threatened to bring the house down.'
  13. 'Filled with his patented dry wit and funny observations, this track often borders on hysterical.'
  14. 'As a hysterical parody, my bears comically evoke the carnivalesque.'
  15. 'Some people find it side-splittingly hysterical; I didn't, but I did find it to be entertainingly funny.'
  16. 'I knew this shouldn't have been funny, but right then I found it hysterical.'
Relating to or suffering from hysteria.
  1. 'Others took the view that Plath was a hysterical self-dramatist, possibly psychopathic, and vastly overrated as a poet.'
  2. 'Such a figure is literally and etymologically hysterical, as it is excessively feminized; it is also psychoanalytically hysterical.'
  3. 'Su-mi's mental state might be described as hysterical.'
  4. 'Furthermore, Freud placed the emphasis on the psychological mechanism of hysterical symptom formation.'
  5. 'Convinced that Clay was suffering hysterical panic, the New York boxing writers urged the local commissioners to call off the fight.'
  6. 'This is the language of hysterical, demented brainwashing.'


1. of, relating to, or characterized by hysteria.

2. uncontrollably emotional.

3. irrational from fear, emotion, or an emotional shock.

4. causing hysteria.

5. suffering from or subject to hysteria.

6. causing unrestrained laughter; very funny: Oh, that joke is hysterical!

More examples(as adjective)

"newspapers can be hysterical over deaths."

"dates can be hysterical by stages."

"people can be hysterical."

"laughters can be hysterical."

"campaigns can be hysterical."

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