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Having or showing compassion or benevolence.
  1. 'The humane treatment of the animals was also a major priority.'
  2. 'One thing I do understand is that the more you try and push people into a more humane and understanding approach the more they tend to dig in their heels.'
  3. 'Generally, people who are astrologers or consult astrologers are humane, compassionate, insightful people, by and large.'
  4. 'Should we protest, now, for the humane treatment of prisoners?'
  5. 'A new understanding of animal rights and humane animal treatment was what led him to become an activist and environmentalist, Mason said.'
  6. 'For me the ban, when implemented, will represent a step towards a more humane treatment of wild animals.'
  7. 'The Council will at all times act in a humane and compassionate fashion.'
  8. 'We should aspire, along with being world champions in the sporting arena, to being the most humane and compassionate people on this planet.'
  9. 'These were the sort of things that tend to blur the clear perception of the visionary - troublesome motes like compassion and humane understanding and social concern.'
  10. 'It means the animal was raised under a specific set of protocols for humane treatment.'
  11. 'humane methods of killing'
  12. 'We wouldn't because we have a more humane methods of killing them.'
  13. 'He said a shot to the head was the only humane method of shooting.'
  14. 'In these areas we have killed foxes by shooting: a humane and efficient method when carried out by a skilled shot.'
  15. 'I assumed he could be helpful in devising a humane, nonviolent method of execution.'
  16. 'Most of the seals are being killed by clubbing to death, which is claimed to be a humane method.'
  17. 'The cruel method of hanging a condemned man should be replaced by more humane methods such as lethal injections.'
  18. 'This will take some hours and is the most humane household method of euthanasia known at this stage.'
  19. 'We now have indelible images of the conditions under which beasts are transported to countries where, it's said, killing is less than humane.'
  20. 'But I am willing to put my concerns to one side if a humane stunning could be inflicted on the animal prior to its slaughter.'
  21. 'We want to make sure about the poison used and that it is indeed the most humane method of killing the birds.'
(of a branch of learning) intended to have a civilizing effect on people.
  1. 'Transmitters of humane learning and values, Canadian universities had become responsible for the spread of Canadian civilization.'
  2. 'Without adequate monitoring, it is difficult to ensure that materials provided to schools embody the true principles of humane education.'
  3. 'Those scientists who did not come from the socially privileged classes had even more to gain by establishing reputations as men of humane learning.'


1. characterized by tenderness, compassion, and sympathy for people and animals, especially for the suffering or distressed: humane treatment of prisoners.

2. acting in a manner that causes the least harm to people or animals: humane trapping of stray pets.

3. of or relating to humanistic studies.

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"people can be humane to places."

"people can be humane towards animals."

"societies can be humane."

"ways can be humane."

"people can be humane."

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Late Middle English: the earlier form of human, restricted to the senses above in the 18th century.