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The central part of a wheel, rotating on or with the axle, and from which the spokes radiate.
  1. 'The hub of the wheel is also the largest single steel casting ever made.'
  2. 'If we do, there is the danger that the hub nuts will come off and then the wheels drop off.'
  3. 'The amount of power dissipated in even a standard steel ball bearing hub is quite small.'
  4. 'With a great leap, he landed on the hub of the wheel and grabbed the flapping reins.'
  5. 'Rocker arms and clutch hubs are examples of automotive production parts that are surface hardened by induction.'
  6. 'The barrel of the cannon passed through the reduction gearbox and the propeller hub.'
  7. 'Remove your wheels, and wipe them down, since the dirt gets lodged in the little nooks and crannies of the wheel hubs and spokes.'
  8. 'What is the durability data for ceramic bearings in bicycle hubs?'
  9. 'In all cases these wheels appear to be solid wooden discs with a thickened hub.'
  10. 'There is a farmer's tip/bonfire of burnt plastic, wool, stock mark spray, and wheel hubs.'
The effective centre of an activity, region, or network.
  1. 'the kitchen was the hub of family life'
  2. 'He said that he expected that the region would become an international hub of tourism.'
  3. 'The way is now clear to increase car-parking and make the centre the hub of Carlow town.'
  4. 'He said Thailand simply attracted a lot of tourists because of its position as a hub of the region.'
  5. 'We should find more hubs and semi - hubs in the discussions forums network then at other networks.'
  6. 'The prosecution had opened the case that the defendants were at the hub and that others were the spokes of the conspiracy.'
  7. 'For centuries this quaint location has been a hub of activity; that of natural forces and that of man.'
  8. 'Traffic was halted in business hubs in the central, southern and northern parts of the city.'
  9. 'The Government High School becomes a hub of activities on Saturday and Sunday evenings.'
  10. 'They were the hubs around which the wheels of the villages revolved.'
  11. 'the airport authority's policy promotes Manchester as an international hub'
  12. as modifier 'major hub airports have grown up all over the world'
  13. 'We look forward to developing another hub that would service our island.'
  14. 'Johannesburg's transport hub is in the inner city: about 800,000 commuters pass through it every day.'
  15. 'The quayside location is convenient to a range of city centre employment and transport hubs, with Tara Street and Barrow Street Dart stations located nearby.'
  16. 'The study urges communities to concentrate growth around urban and town centers and transportation hubs, a policy known as smart growth.'
  17. 'This is one of the nation's busiest transit hubs.'
  18. 'The creation of a modern accessible transport hub is an essential part of the overall redevelopment of Sheffield city centre.'
  19. 'Historically, major hub airports have grown up all over the world on the back of airlines which were dominant national flag carriers.'
  20. 'Another transit hub, Sunny Bay Station in Hong Kong, takes advantage of sea breezes to cool the building.'
  21. 'Meanwhile, flood waters trapped commuters at City Gate, since the roads into the transit hub remained impassable for hours even after the rains had stopped.'
  22. 'Circular Quay is the transportation hub of Sydney Harbour.'

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1. the central part of a wheel, as that part into which the spokes are inserted.

2. the central part or axle end from which blades or spokelike parts radiate on various devices, as on a fan or propeller.

3. a center around which other things revolve or from which they radiate; a focus of activity, authority, commerce, transportation, etc.: Chicago is a railroad hub.

4. the Hub, Boston, Mass. (used as a nickname).

5. the peg or hob used as a target in quoits and similar games.

6. an

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"facilities can be hub."


Early 16th century (denoting a shelf at the side of a fireplace used for heating pans): of unknown origin (compare with hob).