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Lustful; passionate.
  1. 'We are more likely even than the hot-blooded Italians or romantic French to break up someone else's relationship by poaching their lover, claims an international study.'
  2. 'I think it's a secret fantasy of a lot of hot-blooded guys out there.'
  3. 'Beckham was initially fortunate to escape a booking for a high challenge on Thatcher, but he has still not managed to restrain his hot-blooded temperament.'
  4. 'Duncan becomes the hot-blooded lover for a change.'
  5. 'But the hot-blooded lover would rather spend the evening with one of his numerous paramours.'
  6. 'A calendar that will go in many a hot-blooded male's Christmas stocking this year features 18 women from Gardiner Security's head office in Rochdale.'
  7. 'But in reality, there was only one story that any hot-blooded student really seemed to care about this term, and that was the closing of the Bomber and Fed Hall in late January.'
  8. 'Healthy, fit, tanned, good with their hands - a hot-blooded Viking could come across and pluck me from the office any day.'
  9. 'This production of Bizet's hot-blooded opera is to be sung in French with English surtitles and features a new set by Felix Bessonov based on the city of Seville.'
  10. 'One suspects she'd be happier with a more hot-blooded lover, but where could she find one?'



1. excitable; impetuous.

2. ardent, passionate, or virile.

3. adventuresome, exciting, or characterized by adventure and excitement.

4. (of livestock) of superior or pure breeding.

5. (of horses) being a Thoroughbred or having Arab blood.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be hot-blooded."

"youngsters can be hot-blooded."

"wines can be hot-blooded."

"violences can be hot-blooded."

"temperaments can be hot-blooded."

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