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Showing or feeling opposition or dislike; unfriendly.
  1. 'he wrote a ferociously hostile attack'
  2. 'But his father's manner when he met him at the station, Danny recalled, was all wrong: hostile and aggressive.'
  3. 'Interesting idea here: why are the dogs antisocial, hostile, and aggressive?'
  4. 'I have often observed that political extremist of all stripes are often very angry and hostile people.'
  5. 'The situation he's referring to is an Opposition-controlled Parliament and a hostile media.'
  6. 'A couple of months before he died, he became very hostile, very angry and he complained of horrible headaches.'
  7. 'Greenock's attack was far from hostile and slipshod strokeplay accounted for the demise of the home side.'
  8. 'The film drew hostile questions from some audience members who felt it was unnecessarily violent and judgmental.'
  9. 'Another woman in another hostile TV audience revealed his ignorance about the difficulties of making appointments to see a GP.'
  10. 'Type A people, who tend to get angry and hostile easily, are more likely to get heart attacks.'
  11. 'Fears of hostile crowds and attacks on the team evaporated early on.'
  12. 'This can create some interesting maneuvers as Rayne takes on nearby enemies while evading hostile fire.'
  13. 'American generals have the power to order the destruction of any hostile aircraft, if they do not have time to contact senior politicians.'
  14. 'I wonder how long it took before the crew of the stealth aircraft realised that those blips were incoming hostile aircraft?'
  15. 'Usually, the front armor is the strongest, so it's a good idea to attack hostile tanks from the rear, or at least the side.'
  16. 'And what message would Allende have sent to a hostile military had he refused the aid?'
  17. 'Units of troops might have become separated and subject to attack by hostile or friendly forces.'
  18. 'The Patriot system identified the aircraft as a hostile anti-radiation missile and duly brought it down, killing both crew members.'
  19. 'The company suffered a large number of casualties from the intense hostile fire while fighting its way out of the ambush.'
  20. 'Military officials do not believe the crash was caused by hostile fire.'
  21. 'The video shows what the U.S. Military calls a legitimate strike against hostile forces.'
  22. 'people are very hostile to the idea'
  23. 'At least 70% of women are hostile to war under almost any circumstances.'
  24. 'Of course, the media is hostile to nationalism in Scotland and gives the SNP a hard time, but that has always been the case.'
  25. 'He had opposed the Second Boer War, and was likewise initially hostile to the concept in August 1914.'
  26. 'Russia and China were openly hostile to the plan.'
  27. 'It is significant that a lot of the coverage is coming from Britain, a country that is still hostile to the idea of ever joining the single currency.'
  28. 'On the other, they are hostile to hard work and always on the look out for an easy buck.'
  29. 'But at the time I was so hostile to the system I didn't realize that they were trying to cooperate with me.'
  30. 'Globalization simply means freedom of movement for goods and people, and it is hard to be violently hostile to that.'
  31. 'Change to them would be an anathema and hostile to their kind of political culture so why should they really want Vision 2020?'
  32. 'The book purports to recount the history of gun ownership in America and is written with a slant that is hostile to gun ownership.'
  33. 'China Development's action would be described as a hostile takeover bid in tender offer terms.'
  34. 'Then Cohee attempted a hostile takeover of the bank in 2000 and was defeated.'
  35. 'Fearing hostile takeovers and falling share prices, firms seem to become overly fixated on quarterly returns.'
  36. 'In the late 1970s, Ansett became the target of hostile takeover bids.'
  37. 'Irish software firm Riverdeep is a prime target for a hostile takeover bid, according to industry analysts.'
  38. 'PeopleSoft has also sued Oracle in connection with the hostile takeover bid.'
  39. 'Unocal said its board would consider the hostile takeover bid.'
  40. 'To avoid a hostile takeover the target company may seek a ‘white knight’, another company with which it would prefer to merge.'
  41. 'Bradford and Bingley is protected from a hostile takeover for five years following flotation.'
  42. 'Industry observers say there have been no other successful hostile takeovers of a large European bank.'


1. of, relating to, or characteristic of an enemy: a hostile nation.

2. opposed in feeling, action, or character; antagonistic: hostile criticism.

3. characterized by antagonism.

4. not friendly, warm, or generous; not hospitable. noun

5. a person or thing that is antagonistic or unfriendly.

6. Military. an enemy soldier, plane, ship, etc.

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"people can be hostile to currencies."

"people can be hostile to people."

"people can be hostile to warnings."

"people can be hostile to technologies."

"people can be hostile to chemists."

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Late 16th century: from French, or from Latin hostilis, from hostis ‘stranger, enemy’.