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Having a hole or empty space inside.
  1. 'The inside was black and hollow, making it look like an empty tube.'
  2. 'Here, the railing separates from the wall creating a hollow space with ample daylight filtering in through a skylight directly above.'
  3. 'Female Bornean tree hole frogs lay their eggs in the rotting holes of hollow tree stumps so that offspring can grow in a pool of water.'
  4. 'The cochlea is a coiled, hollow tube inside the inner ear that enables us to hear.'
  5. 'He could barely see them, as they were tucked away inside of a giant hollow tree.'
  6. 'Nests are located inside high, hollow branches, well outside the range of land-bound predators.'
  7. 'Typically the bread puffs up in baking leaving it hollow inside like an empty pocket, making it particularly suitable for stuffing to form a sandwich.'
  8. 'So why was she feeling so hollow inside right now?'
  9. 'Several large edible crabs have burrowed under the mast and others live inside the hollow structure.'
  10. 'Yamasaki used another method, which essentially made the building a hollow steel tube.'
  11. 'her cheeks were hollow and she had dark circles under her eyes'
  12. 'She was much thinner, her cheeks beginning to look hollow.'
  13. 'The driver was 18 to 19 years old, 5ft 6ins tall, hairy with a slim build, dark eyes, a gaunt face and hollow cheeks.'
  14. 'My cheeks were hollow, my eyes had sunk into my face and my skin was terrible.'
  15. 'He was very handsome, except for the pale skin that was turning brown and the sunken cheeks and other visible hollow or gaunt areas.'
  16. 'Facial wasting, a condition identified by sunken cheeks, hollow eyes and temples is caused by a loss of fat tissue under the skin.'
  17. 'They are generally in blue, green, white or occasionally amethyst glass, and are often cut with shallow, concave hollow diamonds.'
  18. 'She looks as though she neither ate nor slept during the entire shoot, with her dark-circled eyes, gaunt frame, and hollow cheeks.'
  19. 'Then images of children with bloated bellies, hollow cheeks, and heavy-lidded eyes will begin to go around the world.'
  20. 'In a single day his stubbly cheeks had begun to look hollow, and the muscles of his shoulders and legs stood out in dehydrated splendor.'
  21. 'His cheeks were slightly more hollow compared to the last time she had saw him, and his hair was longer.'
  22. 'The large wooden doors closed behind him automatically with a hollow boom, not unlike the sound of a tomb being shut.'
  23. 'I dropped the pole and it clattered to the pier with a hollow thunk.'
  24. 'The cold, hollow sounds of their steps echoing behind them made the little hairs on the back of his neck rise.'
  25. 'It hit a tree with a hollow clunk and bounced back to land at his feet.'
  26. 'But all that came forth was the hollow click of an empty gun.'
  27. 'Bake until biscuits are golden on top and bottom and sound hollow when tapped, about 10 minutes.'
  28. 'It makes a dry rustling sound, and a hollow echo as the cans and harder litter roll away across the dirty tiles.'
  29. 'I heard a small hollow thud from behind me and a little laugh.'
  30. 'Hand claps, body slaps, foot stomps, and the hollow sounds of the boxes being hit built into complex and satisfying rhythmic structures.'
  31. 'She remembered the dark, cold cavern and the hollow echoes of her footsteps as she walked into its darkness.'
  32. 'The sound is hollow and tinny, and the dialogue is often quite difficult to understand.'
Without real significance or value.
  1. 'Everything becomes absurd and dull at the same time, and the film appears both amusing and hollow.'
  2. 'Albion scored a second to virtual silence, for it seemed a hollow victory.'
  3. 'Were we to have lost, we would have to start out again next January and what I would have to say to the lads would be a bit hollow - given that I am saying it for the last three years in a row.'
  4. 'A deeper read, however, suggests something more complicated, a pattern of embarrassing defeats and hollow victories.'
  5. 'But even if you happen to be the big winner, your victory may prove hollow.'
  6. 'No wonder efforts during the past two years to change how public companies operate seem so hollow.'
  7. 'Fielding women candidates can be a hollow victory if they are not resourced to campaign effectively and confidently.'
  8. 'For me it's just a hollow form of words, with no real content, much like ‘Have a nice day’.'
  9. 'She went to far and my threat to kill her wasn't hollow, I just needed a way and Erik was the solution to this problem.'
  10. 'Geoffrey, bless his heart, is over the top as Harry; his part in the film is unclear and a little hollow.'
  11. 'There is a call for peaceful direct action that could leave the hardliners with a certain but hollow victory when the election results come in.'
  12. 'Looking towards next season all the claims that the new stadium is not affecting cash flow seem very hollow.'
  13. 'The England captain did his best to look on the bright side, which was understandable but felt rather hollow.'
  14. 'There are some interesting figures quoted in the article - figures that don't shock or surprise me anymore, but just provoke hollow laughter and indignation.'
  15. 'A fervent protester since her early college days, this is a woman who believes in action and follow-through rather than hollow promises made on election campaigns.'
  16. 'Are those words ringing a little hollow for you?'
  17. 'The promise of new jobs rings somewhat hollow to a community with an unemployment rate well below the national average.'
  18. 'Alex couldn't stop the hollow laugh that forced its way out of her.'
  19. 'The first item on that shopping list will trigger hollow laughter among the rest of the world's steel makers.'
  20. 'In the face of his failure to do anything about the carnage of past months, his promise to preserve national unity has a somewhat hollow sound.'
  21. 'It was a very hollow gesture.'
  22. 'And we should try to ignore the hollow laughter at that description from those who use it every day.'


A hole or depression in something.
  1. 'Fillers add volume under the surface of the skin to plump up creases, divots and hollows from the inside out.'
  2. 'For instance there were certain stones to be found in fields or graveyards with a hole or hollow which at times was full of water.'
  3. 'The hollow in the stone was about 20 centimetres in diameter and about 30 centimetres deep.'
  4. 'I have walked the beach with the dogs when the wind howled across the sand, obliterating our footprints and forming ribs and patterns in the hollows and over the dunes.'
  5. 'I half - lifted, half-dragged it to the side of the road, to a grassy hollow at the base of a huge live oak.'
  6. 'They dug hollows in the ground, covered them over just as wrens do and lived in that hollow.'
  7. 'She fingered the single pearl that nestle in the hollow of her throat.'
  8. 'From his groin to his knees, his skin was indented with hollows like large smallpox scars.'
  9. 'Her cheekbones protrude from the top of her face, the hollows below seem to sink all the way to her teeth before climbing the gully of her jawbones.'
  10. 'One hand rests against the hollow at the base of his throat - is this an invitation to trust him?'
  11. 'he held them in the hollow of his hand'
  12. 'On special occasions, these bricks could be positioned in specially created hollows in the walls for creating an extremely aesthetic effect.'
  13. 'Peering into the hollows of trees, you may come face to face with this wraithlike creature.'
  14. 'In this way the stone becomes honeycombed and eventually larger, cavernous hollows can form.'
  15. 'The actuator body pivots about a pivot axis and is attached to the cartridge bearing assembly disposed within an inner hollow of the actuator body.'
  16. 'She had hid for a time within the hollow of the oak tree as pursuers raced through the forest looking for her.'
  17. 'There are cave-like hollows in the walls, deep fissures, and piles of sharply splintered rock strewn about as if blasting has just taken place.'
  18. 'Many swifts nest in caves, on cliffs or in hollows of dead trees.'
  19. 'Electrical and communication components can be encased in nonconductive materials and fitted together within concrete hollows behind prescribed openings in the walls for outlets.'
  20. 'He dug snow away from its end, and from within a hollow in the log retrieved two wooden barbed spears.'
  21. 'We are guided on this dive by Morne, a veteran of the lake who seems to have an uncanny knowledge of where all the best caverns and hollows are located.'
  22. 'Cool, humid air after the warmth of the city, and patches of fog in the hollows; smells of car exhaust on the way out, and fishy smells once we got there.'
  23. 'And then there were those Yorkshire folk legends, lurking beneath a thin veneer of Christianity in the hollows and hills of Yorkshire and Scotland.'
  24. 'This park, tucked away in the hills and hollows of central Kentucky, protects the longest cave system in the world, a five-level labyrinth with more than 365 miles of tunnels.'
  25. 'Often swathed in cloud, otherwise fading into a purple haze flecked with white where winter snows remain in gullies and hollows, the highest point is Pic d' Anie.'
  26. 'An award-winning cabin in Monteagle is nestled in a Tennessee mountain hollow and projects from the hillside to overlook a mountain stream.'
  27. 'Set in three-quarters of an acre, derelict Lambs Barton Stables nestle amid landscaped gardens in a hollow of land with sea views.'
  28. 'In my home state, librarians used to ride horses into the remote hollows and valleys in the rural parts of pre-war Kentucky.'
  29. 'A thaw finally set in but the snow remained in many hollows and mountainous areas right into the summer of that year.'
  30. 'In the hollow of this tiny valley, lay a white public house.'
  31. 'The famous Surprise View is a great hollow with valleys leading north and south and moorland roads climbing out.'


Form by making a hole.
  1. 'Each circular city had been hollowed out from the ground, and covered by a great, pink-tinted dome.'
  2. 'Gazing in the direction of his arm, he saw a small cave, hollowed into the mountain.'
  3. 'In the Middle Ages vineyards flourished on this bleak Castilian plateau and cellars were hollowed out of the limestone under the town.'
  4. 'Until the early years of this century the traditional Russian coffin was hollowed from a single piece of wood.'
  5. 'The room was circular and looked like it had been hollowed out from some giant tree.'
  6. 'The eye, as it drifts across the cliff, is arrested by a frontage of columns, which invites us into a sanctuary hollowed from the stone.'
  7. 'Slowly, gradually, a tunnel, large enough for people to walk through, was hollowed out of the gigantic mound of earth.'
  8. 'They were led into a large cave chamber that had been partially hollowed out and worked smooth.'
  9. 'The first canoes are thought to have been used by Carib Indians and native North Americans and were made by hollowing out large logs.'
  10. 'Once under the wilderness area, Revett aims to spend 30 years hollowing out an untouched patch of mountain, and extracting its riches.'
  11. 'We made the centrepiece by hollowing out a large pumpkin and stuffing it with dried leaves, twigs and branches.'
  12. 'The rock is soft enough to be hollowed out, but it remains solid and waterproof.'
  13. 'Above the waterfall, the snow - although solid and deep - had been hollowed out by running meltwater.'
  14. 'Because the barrel's end is hollowed out, saving weight, the end is blunt rather than rounded.'
  15. 'Its oversized cap can be sliced off, hollowed, and used for serving soup.'
  16. 'People make pottery without a wheel by hollowing out a ball of clay and molding it into the desired shape.'
  17. 'Today in the UK, demand grows each year as more and more people realise that pumpkins aren't simply for hollowing out to make Hallowe'en decorations.'
  18. 'I opened the books up and found that they had both been hollowed out.'
  19. 'Yellow and green squash, called koosa, are hollowed out, stuffed with rice and ground lamb meat, and cooked in a tomato sauce.'


1. having a space or cavity inside; not solid; empty: a hollow sphere.

2. having a depression or concavity: a hollow surface.

3. sunken, as the cheeks or eyes.

4. (of sound) not resonant; dull, muffled, or deep: a hollow voice.

5. without real or significant worth; meaningless: a hollow victory.

6. insincere or false: hollow compliments.

7. hungry; having an empty feeling: I feel absolutely hollow, so let's eat. noun

8. an empty space with

More examples(as adjective)

"words can be hollow in lights."

"whichs can be hollow of wires."

"whichs can be hollow of rods."

"voices can be hollow at times."

"teeth can be hollow of lengths."

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Old English holh ‘cave’; obscurely related to hole.


beat someone hollow