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Extremely amusing.
  1. 'It was here that the dialogue reached hilarious, and this troupe had a knack for that level of funny.'
  2. 'I think you will enjoy his anecdotes and retelling of some of the hilarious scenes he wrote for those two most loved of funny men.'
  3. 'I am now in the hilarious position of being an embarrassment to all concerned.'
  4. 'The ensuing altercations and hilarious testimonies provided an exciting two hours!'
  5. 'They thought that was hilarious, and linked arms, shaking with mirth like hysterical Siamese twins.'
  6. 'When the first play comes to its hilarious, farcical close the audience is left gasping for air.'
  7. 'The nun's attempts to flee from the convent supposedly create hilarious situations.'
  8. 'She views most of the press hysteria surrounding her, for example, as hilarious.'
  9. 'For comic effect it has a character whose supposedly hilarious weakness is to use phrases that have gone out of fashion.'
  10. 'His hilarious five-minute soliloquy about his complex wedding arrangements was fabulous.'
  11. 'the meal was noisy and hilarious'


1. arousing great merriment; extremely funny: a hilarious story; a hilarious old movie.

2. boisterously merry or cheerful: a hilarious celebration.

3. merry; cheerful.

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"meals can be hilarious in companies."

"people can be hilarious."

"comedies can be hilarious."

"wits can be hilarious."

"effects can be hilarious."

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Early 19th century: from Latin hilaris (from Greek hilaros ‘cheerful’) + -ous. The sense ‘exceedingly amusing’ dates from the 1920s.