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  1. 'Leigh's interpretation has a high-strung quality, a wildness that hints in some scenes of being on the edge of hysteria.'
  2. 'If you're a red-faced hockey dad in Massachusetts, a high-strung cheerleading mom in Texas or some other species of overzealous sports parent, be warned.'
  3. 'He was a difficult man - high-strung and unpredictable, at times nearly hysterical.'
  4. 'I'm not blaming my kid, but she's very high-strung.'
  5. 'Actors were high-strung at the best of times, but with the pressure of performance couples frequently fought, tearing the cast apart.'
  6. 'Earlier this year, the Valley Center doctors had to deal with a request from a high-strung expectant mother who had been bedridden in Valley Hospital for a month to prevent premature birth.'
  7. 'I do have to say, however, that Mrs. D. turned out to be an okay lady and inexplicably rather fond of me, but that woman was so high-strung I always wanted to ask her if she'd taken her pills that day.'
  8. '‘Listen, she's just a little high-strung at the moment,’ he explained, gesturing lightly towards Sydney.'
  9. 'Delaney rolled her eyes at the mention of John's overbearing girlfriend, Virginia; a woman she found to be rather high-strung.'
  10. 'How can one be so mellow and the other so high-strung?'



1. at great tension; highly excitable or nervous; edgy: high-strung nerves; a high-strung person.

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"students can be high-strung."

"platinums can be high-strung."

"people can be high-strung."

"nervousnesses can be high-strung."

"breedings can be high-strung."

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