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Of great vertical extent.
  1. 'Crystal clear streams flow down from the high mountains into the Datong River.'
  2. 'Old rocks predominate and high hills and mountains are more common.'
  3. 'In the high mountains, where there are large falls of snow, there can also be avalanches.'
  4. 'Although the new policy is a little late for the downtown area, which is already over-crowded with high buildings, there is still a lot the city can do to improve the situation.'
  5. 'In the centre of the 10 km deep crater is a mountain almost as high as Mount Everest.'
  6. 'They are planning to install high fences and replace the smashed windows, which have been boarded up.'
  7. 'The terraced waterfalls are picturesque against the backdrop of high, green mountains.'
  8. 'It is a country dominated by high peaks and wide flat stretches of lava field, powerful waterfalls and creaking glaciers.'
  9. 'The open area is secured by high boarding and is used for car parking.'
  10. 'Veteran climbers bemoan the increasing commercialisation of high peaks such as Everest and K2.'
  11. 'a tree forty feet high'
  12. 'The alley was a dead end; the granite wall at the end was at least twelve feet high.'
  13. 'The land rises abruptly to highland ridges with mountain summits as high as 3000 feet.'
  14. 'Because of the extreme snow that had hit the region this winter, the snow was five feet high.'
  15. 'They say the company's proposal to build a 7m high building on the site, which backs on to a number of homes in Gilhams Avenue, is unnecessary and intrusive.'
  16. 'The tide was in, and the breakers were a good twenty to thirty feet high when they hit the harbour wall.'
  17. 'The structure was mounted between two walls, each 70 feet long and 50 feet high.'
  18. 'The fox cleared a six-foot high fence to get among the chickens and would have killed them all had it not been disturbed.'
  19. 'The New Year's Day wave passed just under the 30-metre high platform of the North Alwyn rig.'
  20. 'The two-and-a-half tonne boat was lowered down a sheer cliff 200 ft high.'
  21. 'North Ossetian president Alexander Dzasokhov said the glacier was 150m high.'
  22. 'The speakers will be installed throughout the station in inaccessible or high areas to stop them being vandalised.'
  23. 'Because of its high altitude, it is typically one of the first Scottish roads to be closed during bad winter weather.'
  24. 'Remember that the overland trip will help you acclimatize to the high altitude.'
  25. 'You enter a long narrow main room with a shimmering disco ball hanging from a high ceiling.'
  26. 'It's another gorgeous day. There were some high cirrus clouds earlier and it looks like they're coming back, but, for the most part, it's just been beautiful.'
  27. 'Inland, a high central plateau drops eastward towards the vegetated dunes of the Kalahari Desert.'
  28. 'It's more likely to occur if you're exercising in hot weather or at a high altitude.'
  29. 'Filming at high altitude in the Peruvian Andes wasn't always much fun.'
  30. 'The plant is easy to propagate, and tolerates poor soil, high altitudes, and harsh climates.'
  31. 'This area has a wonderfully high ceiling and gets plenty of natural light through a large window and patio doors.'
  32. 'a round face with a high forehead'
  33. 'He was more curious about the decorated headband crowning the man's high forehead.'
  34. 'Crossing his legs in front of him, he leans back against the high pillows and closes his eyes.'
  35. 'The grass right now is thick and high, but there are rumours it's going to be cut down.'
  36. 'Her broad flat forehead and high cheekbones catch the light from the windows behind them.'
  37. 'His hair was receding at the front and he had a high forehead.'
  38. 'Once in bog at the bottom of the coulee, one can see that the high grass is covered with grey silt.'
  39. 'The face is pale and perhaps slightly unearthly, with a high forehead sharply defined against red-gold hair.'
  40. 'In most patients with a high forehead, or in males with a receding hairline, the incision is placed at the frontal hairline.'
  41. 'Beads of sweat formed on his high forehead.'
  42. 'There's the bold, aquiline nose, to be sure; the high, intelligent forehead and strong chin.'
  43. 'This species ranged the high grasslands of western North America from Alaska to Mexico, while a lighter-built species (Arctodus pristinus) with smaller teeth inhabited the more heavily wooded Atlantic coastal region.'
  44. 'high diving'
  45. 'Southall was finally booked for his second late and high lunge on the Norwegian Riise inside five minutes.'
  46. 'Born in Thirsk in 192, he excelled early in a variety of sports, and became a champion in boxing, high diving, and pole vaulting.'
  47. 'The theory says the high latitudes should warm up more than the lower latitudes.'
  48. 'It is found in the recently glaciated areas of the Northern hemisphere and high latitudes in the Southern hemisphere.'
  49. 'They also occur more often in the winter and in the middle to high latitudes rather than near to the equator.'
Great, or greater than normal, in quantity, size, or intensity.
  1. 'sweets are very high in calories'
  2. 'Cashews are high in protein and carbohydrate as well as being rich in vitamin A.'
  3. 'Chickpeas are exceptionally high in protein and very low in fat, making them an ideal food.'
  4. 'The firm says demand for industrial property from purchasers in the West Yorkshire area is high.'
  5. 'The normal purpose of any cartel is to keep prices high by controlling supply and demand.'
  6. 'This three-bedroom period house has been extended and renovated to a very high standard.'
  7. 'This area has high unemployment, and mortality is above the national average.'
  8. 'Waves on Puget Sound were so high that day that only four crew members could row.'
  9. 'He said the area had a high percentage of children under four, and many parents were without family support.'
  10. 'As a result, many people may find they are actually over-insured and paying unnecessarily high premiums.'
  11. 'Staff are also expressing concerns over job security, high workloads and excessive hours.'
  12. 'But poker is most interesting when the stakes are high and small fortunes rest on the draw of a card.'
  13. 'It seems to me that many in the U.S. don't quite appreciate how high the stakes are.'
  14. 'The first deal is decided between two opponents who each cut the cards - whoever cuts the higher card has the slight advantage of dealing first.'
  15. 'she had no very high opinion of men'
  16. 'Self-esteem means having a high opinion of ourselves regardless of what we may or may not have done to earn it.'
  17. 'The police are not held in high regard in some areas and their self-esteem and image have been damaged.'
  18. 'It did not take long for the cricketing community to realise why Cronje was admired and held in high esteem.'
  19. 'I have, as you know, an extremely high regard for the men and women in the Australian Defence Force.'
  20. 'Mr Blass is looking forward to the operation being fully up and running in Sligo, an area he holds in high esteem.'
  21. 'I hold you in very high esteem, and have held you in very high esteem throughout that period.'
  22. 'but, in common with other members of the family, he had a very high opinion of himself.'
  23. 'We cannot have too low an opinion of ourselves or too high an opinion of Christ.'
  24. 'The media baron has always had a high opinion of himself and a low one of many others.'
  25. 'The fact that Britain's No 2 has a ferocious serve and a high opinion of his own abilities only makes matters worse.'
  26. 'The most striking characteristic of this political approach is the author's patent partiality and clear adherence to high Tory principles.'
  27. 'high summer'
  28. 'The work is considered a masterpiece in the use of perspective and in the portrayal of the artistic ideals of the High Renaissance.'
  29. 'This is Yorkshire in high summer, so it's pouring with rain this morning.'
  30. 'This is one of the best spots in the country, but it's cold even in high summer.'
  31. 'The low winter sun is much more favourable for good photography than high summer brilliance.'
  32. 'It gets so crowded here in high summer that there's often no room to sit down, let alone lay out a towel.'
  33. 'It was high summer, and the grass shone green even as the powerful winds caused it to ripple and shimmer.'
  34. 'The passionate retelling of Shakespeare's tragic story is set in the Italian city of Verona during high summer.'
  35. 'The air had been washed down, sweeping away the usual mist that hangs over the Greek Islands in high summer.'
  36. 'In the blistering heat of high summer, it is literally too hot for study and so youngsters get a couple of months off.'
  37. 'The leaves had lost the fresh green of early summer and taken on the darker bronzy tinge of high summer.'
Great in rank, status, or importance.
  1. 'financial security is high on your list of priorities'
  2. 'Press conferences are usually reserved for those higher in the chain of command.'
  3. 'Road traffic accident reduction is a high priority for North Yorkshire firefighters and our partners.'
  4. 'In addition to housing and employment, education and tackling crime are also high on their agenda.'
  5. 'He stressed that other high positions in the organisation are filled by those committed to conservation.'
  6. 'We have many women in high positions in the Church especially working in parishes.'
  7. 'Finding a permanent home for the campus is high on the university's agenda.'
  8. 'Lydon has much to offer, but Woodward elevated him to high office incredibly early in his coaching career.'
  9. 'Robert Altman has definitely made better films, but this one must rank high on the list.'
  10. 'None of his are thought through, a dangerous fault for someone so high in Government.'
  11. 'Respect for the preservation of the environment was high on his sense of priorities.'
  12. 'Brian Ború was crowned King of Munster here in 977 and he became High King of Ireland in 1002.'
  13. 'blurring the distinctions between high art and popular art'
  14. 'Her films and writings establish an exchange between high and popular culture, art and commerce.'
  15. 'Literature was no exception, and Shakespeare was eagerly received as the epitome of high culture.'
  16. 'An occasional snobbery still persists - theatre is the high art, film its lesser cousin.'
  17. 'Once realized, this consciousness leads to an awareness of something higher than physical needs, emotional desires, and survival demands dictated by hormones or organs.'
  18. 'This was a right old mish-mash of high art and low culture, sport and theatre.'
  19. 'What his parents lacked in high culture, they made up for in political principles.'
  20. 'The classics had a profound presence not only in the high culture, but in the inner lives of educated persons.'
  21. 'Ernest's father, a man of high ideals, was very strict and censored the books he allowed his children to read.'
  22. 'It may not have been high art, but for sheer singalong spectacle and professionalism it was unbeatable.'
  23. 'Popular taste is a good guide to the temper of the times, much more so than highbrow high culture.'
(of a sound or note) having a frequency at the upper end of the auditory range.
  1. 'She has this really high shrill voice that makes me cringe every time she speaks.'
  2. 'Her voice could reach such a high pitch, that it could actually cause a dog to lose its sanity.'
  3. 'The intro was played softly and her voice was high and sweet, singing the melody.'
  4. 'All of a sudden, the stillness of the air was torn by the loud, shrill sound of a klaxon wailing at high pitch.'
  5. 'A high sing-song voice rang from the kitchen and a woman appeared.'
  6. 'The best singers started their song at a low pitch to suit the range with which their voices are able to cope, and did not try songs which required them to reach high notes.'
  7. 'a high soprano voice'
  8. 'He wrote several so-called ‘concert’ arias, tailor-made for Aloysia's astonishing high soprano.'
  9. 'The cadenzas break down the quintet into low strings (cello and viola), high strings (the two violins), and piano.'
Feeling euphoric, especially from the effects of drugs or alcohol.
  1. 'some of them were high on Ecstasy'
  2. 'This witness also admitted to being high on crack cocaine, marijuana and beer the night of the killing.'
  3. 'He used to come home high on marijuana and my little sisters were seeing him like that, so I have seen what drugs can lead to.'
  4. 'The defence lawyer noted that he was high on crack cocaine at the time of the stabbing.'
  5. 'He is fat, lazy, moody, gluttonous, horny and pretty much constantly drunk or high on hashish.'
  6. 'He admitted that he had no idea what he was doing on the day of the murders because he was so high on drugs.'
  7. 'Maybe I am still high from all the joints I smoked earlier this evening.'
  8. 'I could tell that she had slept hardly at all during the day, she was probably still high from the night before.'
(especially of food) unpleasantly strong-smelling because beginning to go bad.
  1. 'The cheese was rather high, and tended to crumble when we opened the tin, but it was quite edible.'
  2. 'Mine are hung for no more than 2 or 3 days especially over the last few years what with the milder winters. Its a question of taste and how high you like your bird.'
(of a vowel) produced with the tongue relatively near the palate.
  1. 'New York pronunciation has a long, tense, very round vowel in words like caught, and a long, tense, relatively high vowel in words such as cab.'


1. having a great or considerable extent or reach upward or vertically; lofty; tall: a high wall.

2. having a specified extent upward: The apple tree is now 20 feet high.

3. situated above the ground or some base; elevated: a high platform; a high ledge.

4. exceeding the common degree or measure; strong; intense: high speed; high color.

5. expensive; costly; dear: The price of food these days is much too high.

6. exalted in rank, station, eminence

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"prices can be high on dates."

"shares can be high on dates."

"places can be high on dates."

"shares can be high in trades."

"prices can be high in/at/on dates."

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