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Extremely ugly.
  1. 'Are you wearing those hideous glasses to hide your dilated pupils or something?'
  2. 'Sure I ain't gonna win any beauty contests, but I am not the hideous, scary freak I had been hiding from.'
  3. 'Another bugbear of childbearing is the pregnancy bra - a hideous garment.'
  4. 'As well as animal forms, demons can have other grotesque and hideous forms.'
  5. 'She described a hideous humpbacked creature with stumpy horns, and bristles down the back of a long neck.'
  6. 'She is not a hideous woman but you would think he was marrying a horse by the cruel way the media treat her.'
  7. 'I wear a hideous uniform during my working days, so outside that time, I'm relaxed.'
  8. 'She was wearing a hideous brown dress, complete with mules and a patent black belt.'
  9. 'Holden Road was sold for 30 grand to a property developer who tore it down and a hideous development stands on the site.'
  10. 'The hideous scar on his back is a testimony to the violence that was inflicted upon him by the police when he was just a helpless baby.'
  11. 'the whole hideous story'
  12. 'We will continue to utilise all our expertise and resources to ensure that the culprits responsible for this hideous crime are brought to book.'
  13. 'Being caught in the middle of someone else's family argument is hideous and embarrassing.'
  14. 'During a secret speech in February 1956 (which was almost immediately leaked to the Western media) he condemned the policies of the hitherto much admired Stalin and accused him of hideous crimes.'
  15. 'Cielle was awoken by the most hideous sound she had ever heard in her life.'
  16. 'The best thing about this withdrawal is that my first was so hideous that this seems like a walk in the park.'
  17. 'It simply discloses a new and hideous fact about the world order.'
  18. 'Doesn't it smack of the most hideous hypocrisy and moral weakness?'
  19. 'To make things worse we had the hideous spectacle of a peace campaigner being held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.'
  20. 'I was sleeping in a tent, and woke up at 5 in the morning feeling hideous.'
  21. 'She stuck her arms up into the air and laughed a hideous, horrible laugh.'


1. horrible or frightful to the senses; repulsive; very ugly: a hideous monster.

2. shocking or revolting to the moral sense: a hideous crime.

3. distressing; appalling: the hideous expense of moving one's home to another city.

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"shapes can be hideous to people."

"people can be hideous."

"weapons can be hideous."

"rituals can be hideous."

"sounds can be hideous."

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Middle English: from Old French hidos, hideus, from hide, hisde ‘fear’, of unknown origin.