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A temperate shrub or small tree with broad leaves, bearing prominent male catkins in spring and round hard-shelled edible nuts in autumn.
  1. 'Half of the field will be planted with native ash, along with cherry, rowan and hazel trees.'
  2. 'He could clearly distinguish elders, hazels and sloes.'
  3. 'The marsh gave way gradually to dry land, and the reeds and willows to hazels and elders.'
  4. 'The vast forested areas grew colossal numbers of trees such as hazel, oak, ash, beech, and many others.'
  5. 'The native trees planted include oak, ash, birch, alder, hazel, yew, and Scots pine.'
  6. 'The birds were singing and the hazel catkins were open.'
  7. 'The oak tree across the road is practically bare but the beeches and hazels behind it are still fully leafed.'
A reddish-brown or greenish-brown colour, especially of a person's eyes.
  1. 'His eyes were a deep kind of hazel brown, which made him look really handsome.'
  2. 'I was slightly uncomfortable under her intense gaze and I tried to ignore the way her hazel eyes bore into me.'
  3. 'Her hair had hazel highlights.'
  4. 'Her eyes, hazel in colour, were very piercing.'
  5. 'A man with auburn hair and hazel eyes stalked purposefully into the room.'
  6. 'She was short with long wavy brown hair and hazel eyes.'
  7. 'She always found it strange he has blue eyes and all the other men in his family have greenish hazel eyes.'
  8. 'She had long luscious brown hair and hazel colored eyes.'
  9. 'After a year in a hospital, her eyes were still a green hazel, but they were dull, no longer bright.'
  10. 'He was the taller of them, with sharp blue eyes and hazel coloured hair.'

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1. any shrub or small tree belonging to the genus Corylus, of the birch family, having toothed, ovate leaves and bearing edible nuts, as C. avellana, of Europe, or C. americana and C. cornuta, of the Western Hemisphere.

2. any of several other shrubs or trees, as an Australian shrub, Pomaderris apetala.

3. the wood of any of these trees.

4. the hazelnut or filbert.

5. light golden brown, as the color of a hazelnut. adjective

6. of or relating to the hazel.

7. made of the wood of

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"eyes can be hazel."

"twigs can be hazel."

"trees can be hazel."

"nuts can be hazel."

"thickets can be hazel."

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Old English hæsel, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch hazelaar ‘hazel tree’, hazelnoot ‘hazelnut’, and German Hasel, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin corylus.