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Risky; dangerous.
  1. 'it is hazardous to personal safety'
  2. 'Running away was less dangerous than rebellion, but it was still a hazardous enterprise.'
  3. 'He has been asked whether emissions from the refinery are hazardous to human health.'
  4. 'Just sitting down near an open window can be hazardous to your health.'
  5. 'Trees used to be considered hazardous to farming, and in many cases they still are.'
  6. 'He made a fantastic landing in hazardous conditions.'
  7. 'Waste can harm the environment and be hazardous to wildlife.'
  8. 'In the home garden it is now possible to substitute these highly toxic chemicals for ones that are less hazardous.'
  9. 'Much of the waste found on the beaches is fishing waste that can be extremely hazardous to wildlife.'
  10. 'He added that it would be wrong to assume that mobile phones were hazardous to human health.'
  11. 'I will not explain the procedure since it may be hazardous to some motherboards.'


1. full of risk; perilous; risky: a hazardous journey.

2. dependent on chance.

More examples(as adjective)

"systems can be hazardous to shippings."

"smokings can be hazardous to healths."

"bunts can be hazardous to healths."

"years can be hazardous with riots."

"winds can be hazardous in/at/on days."

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Mid 16th century: from French hasardeux, from hasard ‘chance’ (see hazard).