Adjective "Havoc" Definition and Examples




    1. great destruction or devastation; ruinous damage. verb (used with object), havocked, havocking.

    2. to work havoc upon; devastate. verb (used without object), havocked, havocking.

    3. to work havoc: The fire havocked throughout the house. Idioms

    4. cry havoc, to warn of danger or disaster.

    5. play havoc with, to create confusion or disorder in: The wind played havoc with the papers on the desk. to destroy; ruin: The bad weather played havoc with our vacation plans.


    "rains can be havoc with schedules."

    "weathers can be havoc with crops."

    "scandals can be havoc with aspirationses."

    "impositions can be havoc with valuations."

    "downpours can be havoc with trainings."

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