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Poignant; evocative.
  1. 'The ending offers a particularly haunting and poignant gesture - the reunion of a family torn apart on a purely phantasmic, spiritual cinematic plane.'
  2. 'In the distance a horn blew a haunting melody of darkness.'
  3. 'The sounds of Icelandic volcanoes provide a haunting backdrop to the scene.'
  4. 'This is a night of wondrous things; crashing guitars and beautiful sounds and haunting voices and clever, true and haunting words.'
  5. 'Jonathan Jones pays tribute to a stirring, haunting modern masterpiece put together from decaying old film footage'
  6. '‘This was about 16 years ago, but I still remember its haunting beauty,’ he says.'
  7. 'He later held a questionnaire in the Old Pit Head Baths and Seamus says you could hear the haunting sounds of another time echoing back to him.'
  8. 'I slept fitfully, awakened from time to time by my fears alone, at others by the haunting war cries or the percussive sound of an explosion in the distance.'
  9. 'Dancers and pipers, resplendent in their magnificent uniforms and kilts, and the haunting sounds of bagpipes set a distinctive background for a memorable day out in the open.'
  10. 'The fast footwork, rhythmic clapping and haunting singing radiate an atmosphere of passion and raw emotion.'


The action of haunting a place.
  1. 'Simon has been conducting ‘Ghost Walks’ around Blackburn for the past two years, taking walkers on a journey through the hidden secrets of the town centre - from heroes to hauntings and mysteries to murders.'
  2. 'With rumors of hauntings and ghosts, Kingdom Hospital has a ghastly standing in the community.'
  3. 'Two years laters, the supposed hauntings came to an end when Janet was spotted faking ‘evidence'. For some people, this was reason enough to dismiss the whole flap as a hoax.'
  4. 'Every human catastrophe is also a mystery and mysteries create ghosts, hauntings, and ultimately new forms of terror.’'
  5. 'The castellated house, which has been derelict since the 1920s, is widely known for its hauntings.'
  6. 'He believes that since the repeal of the Witchcraft Act in 1951, there has been an explosion of demonic possessions and hauntings in the UK, with vicars and priests being increasingly called upon to cast out the devil in the name of God.'
  7. 'The pub boasts no tales of hauntings, but there is a bricked-up cellar space which once linked the Queen's Tap, the GWR hotel next door and the station itself.'
  8. 'There are all manner of murders, plots, illicit affairs and dirty doings associated with the building, any of which could be directly linked with its supposed hauntings.'
  9. 'The Lutzs reported that, after they moved in, horrible and gruesome hauntings (house possessions by ghosts) occurred.'
  10. 'There are almost no reports of hauntings or malicious spirits these days.'


1. remaining in the consciousness; not quickly forgotten: haunting music; haunting memories. noun

2. the act of a person or thing that haunts; visitation.

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"people can be haunting in/at/on places."

"sounds can be haunting."

"voices can be haunting."

"melodies can be haunting."

"soundtracks can be haunting."

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