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Intense dislike; hate.
  1. 'his murderous hatred of his brother'
  2. 'I could feel the eyes of my mother and my brothers on me, a quiet but potent hatred.'
  3. 'It set an end to a terrible century of war and hatred between France and Germany.'
  4. 'I read them and am hurt by the injustice and often outright hatred of some of the posters.'
  5. 'I find that very profound because there is a great deal of hatred spouted in the name of religion.'
  6. 'As long as we wield our weapons of hatred, greed and stupidity, nothing will change.'
  7. 'By the time he left each one of the towns the area was in the grip of racial hatred that spilled over into rioting.'
  8. 'They must make it clear that religious hatred will not be tolerated and they must be seen to take a stand.'
  9. 'Oh, she knew hatred was not a ladylike emotion, but she simply could not help it.'
  10. 'I would like to express my pure hatred for those who light up a fag in front of children and even babies!'
  11. 'It is not such a large step from that mainstream irrationality and hatred to fascism.'

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1. the feeling of one who hates; intense dislike or extreme aversion or hostility.

More examples(as adjective)

"warnings can be hatreds."


(hatred)Middle English: from hate + -red (from Old English rǣden ‘condition’).