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A dish of cooked meat cut into small pieces and cooked again, usually with potatoes.
  1. 'In commercial corned beef hashes, the meat is often minced, but if you make hash at home, you can leave it in recognizable chunks.'
  2. 'Haley puts some American fries, corned beef hash, and scrambled eggs on her plate.'
  3. 'a hash of raw tomatoes, chillies, and coriander'
  4. 'Caution threatened to descend into catatonia as, after a bright opening minute or so, the first half turned into a hash of misplaced passes, hoofs into the air and slithering ineptitude.'


Make (meat or other food) into a hash.
  1. 'In Gower they are added to hashed meat, made into pies with apples, and put into soup.'
  2. 'Hash the meat and make it into a stuffing with raisins, stoned ripe olives and hard-boiled eggs minced fine.'
Come to agreement on something after lengthy and vigorous discussion.
  1. 'Before polls, phones, the internet, focus groups, etc., the only way to select a candidate was to get everyone together and hash things out.'
  2. 'Maybe you two should be hashing your problems out in counseling instead of drive-by ambushing an innocent bystander.'
  3. 'Students were encouraged to bring their ideas to the table and hash them out.'
  4. 'But as they hashed it out, and they brought up the inherent problems with establishing private accounts, he instead came around to their point of view.'
  5. 'That's why I thought we should get together this morning and hash this thing out.'


The symbol #, used as a symbol on a phone keypad or computer keyboard or before a numeral (as in question #2).
  1. 'Re-examining indexing methods based on these constraints yielded an interesting solution: B-trees and hashes are the two most commonly used indexing methods.'
  2. 'You can display hashes properly by preceding the hash with a \, which turns the hash into a hash reference, which is properly dereferenced.'
  3. 'Also Microsoft is using the wrong symbol - the hash and sharp symbols are different typographically, albeit subtly.'
  4. 'Moreover, even though a random list of Internet addresses downloading a particular file can be easily obtained, the protocol uses hashes to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.'

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1. a dish of diced or chopped meat and often vegetables, as of leftover corned beef or veal and potatoes, sautéed in a frying pan or of meat, potatoes, and carrots cooked together in gravy.

2. a mess, jumble, or muddle: a hash of unorganized facts and figures.

3. a reworking of old and familiar material: This essay is a hash of several earlier and better works.

4. Computers. garbage (def 7).

5. Radio andTelevision Slang. electrical noise on a radio or snow in a television pictur

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"outs can be hashed."

"ups can be hashed."

"muttons can be hashed."

"contents can be hashed."

"beans can be hashed."

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(hash)1960s: probably from hatch, altered by association with hash.


make a hash of
settle someone's hash