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Not able or likely to cause harm.
  1. 'Anyone who has ever met him will tell you he is completely harmless.'
  2. 'Over the last few years marijuana has gradually lost its 70s image as a harmless drug.'
  3. 'A bacteriophage is a virus that attacks bacteria but which is generally harmless to human beings.'
  4. 'The tope shark is considered harmless to humans because of its small size and its preference for small prey items.'
  5. 'Many years ago he was known as the most dangerous man in his neighbourhood, yet now everyone thought of him as harmless.'
  6. 'On closer inspection, it turned out that the birds were suffering from a virus harmless to humans.'
  7. 'It is in a critical stage and the only way to save her is through a relatively harmless bone marrow transplant.'
  8. 'Donating blood is harmless to the donor and yet gives a gift of life to a dying person.'
  9. 'It can cause nausea and, in extreme cases, death in humans, but is harmless to marine life.'
  10. 'Although there has never been a recorded death from the overuse of cannabis, it is not harmless.'
  11. 'as an entertainer, he's pretty harmless'
  12. 'Belief in them is harmless enough, no doubt, and may lead on to a further interest in matters Egyptological.'
  13. 'It seems a pretty harmless form of entertainment that may even encourage a healthy scepticism in its audience.'
  14. 'I agreed, breathing a sigh of relief that his request seemed to be innocent and harmless enough.'
  15. 'The print is harmless enough as an image; it is the inscription that brings it to the edge of obscenity.'
  16. 'It sounds so innocuous, so harmless, like it would barely cause a murmur or a ripple.'
  17. 'How long this gentle, shy, harmless, unworldly man can carry on pushing his heavy load, God only knows!'


1. without the power or desire to do harm; innocuous: He looks mean but he's harmless; a harmless Halloween prank.

2. without injury; unhurt; unharmed. Idioms

3. hold harmless, Law. to relieve from responsibility or liability for any damage or loss.Also, save harmless.

More examples(as adjective)

"viruses can be harmless at levels."

"virus useds can be harmless to humans."

"venoms can be harmless to people."

"venoms can be harmless to humans."

"types can be harmless to layers."

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