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(of a book) bound in stiff covers.


    A book bound in stiff covers.
    1. 'The book brawl started fifteen years ago when megabookstore chains deeply discounted bestsellers, as well as other hardbacks and paperbacks.'
    2. 'On the basis of his track record so far, Porter expects to sell 25,000 hardbacks of Brandenburg, plus 100,000 paperbacks, and to be published in 13 countries.'
    3. 'Publishers traditionally cover their costs by selling hardbacks - hence the price.'
    4. 'I began collecting them as second-hand paperbacks and then updated them: first as new paperbacks, then as hardbacks and finally, first editions.'
    5. 'Pimlico, noted for its paperback editions of previously published hardbacks, is making a name for itself in its ‘Pimlico Original’ series.'
    6. 'Paperbacks are cheaper than hardbacks; that is surely their main advantage.'
    7. 'Paperback editions are best, as the corners of hardbacks come rather sharp if dropped unexpectedly onto soft flesh.'
    8. 'Most of the paperback titles cost £3 - £5, with hardbacks costing more.'
    9. 'I bought this in hardback, as is my preference for book, but unlike most hardbacks, it's roughly the size of a paperback book, very similar to the Marvel Age digests.'


    1. hardcover.

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    "editions can be hardback."

    "books can be hardback."

    "publishers can be hardback."

    "novels can be hardback."

    "copies can be hardback."

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