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An event or occurrence.
  1. 'You can see why these happenings are exciting and uber-cool for the artists.'
  2. 'I myself am suffering from having a paucity of exciting ideas / happenings to post about.'
  3. 'Overall, he and manager Harte were satisfied with the performance, given the happenings of the past year.'
  4. 'Each part contains three happenings which occur at once.'
  5. 'Those of you who know the building at the corner of Ontario W. and St-Laurent are no doubt familiar with all the lofty artistic happenings that go on inside its walls on a daily basis.'
  6. 'One sad happening prior to Christmas was the death of Galway's oldest resident Billy Lohan of Mervue who was in his 103rd year.'
  7. 'Let me also share with you some other exciting web happenings.'
  8. 'That's fine by me; it is within those years that some of the most iconic happenings in the NBA transpired.'
  9. 'Made in English, it will perhaps be the first Indian movie to capture the backstage happenings of the small screen world.'
  10. 'She said printmaking operates as a kind of meeting place between the conscious intention of art-making and the unintended happenings of life.'
  11. 'Anyway, that probably confused you, but I need to let Dmitri explain the happenings of the first night we stayed in a glorious hotel in the heart of San Francisco.'
  12. 'Away from the underground happenings of London, away from his friends, performing hitherto unheard songs to unappreciative punters was a daunting prospect.'
  13. 'They even made the first jokes I had heard about the dreadful happenings last month.'
  14. 'Perhaps it's a morning TV talk show that covers local happenings or a local home magazine that showcases great design or area artists.'
A partly improvised or spontaneous piece of theatrical or other artistic performance, typically involving audience participation.
  1. 'Today I accompanied two Axis artists to a happening in a squalid squatter camp in downtown Johannesburg.'
  2. 'Cricot's theatrical practices emphasized the visual arts; the plays staged there were more like happenings.'
  3. 'Shed promoter Simon Thackray presents these myriad delights in a season of nine concerts and artistic happenings at Brawby and Hovingham, near Malton.'
  4. 'Despite this unconventional presentation, the opera, by intention, generally avoids imitating Fluxus-style happenings.'
  5. 'He was imagining and piecing together the possible happening.'
  6. 'Usually, performance in the field of visual art includes methods of making art, the bodies of the artist or the viewer and performances linking life and art as actionism and happenings.'
  7. 'Blurring art and life, the ‘Bed-Ins’ illustrate the strategies of happenings and Fluxus performance at the heart of Yoko's aesthetic.'
  8. 'She frequently refers to such happenings as ‘experiments.’'
  9. 'Real time happenings that cannot be commodified or sold, retain their status as ‘art’ only so long as they retain discursive support.'


Fashionable; trendy.
  1. 'They have an office in Balma, Southern France, about 500 miles away from a beautiful, fashionable and happening Paris.'
  2. 'The two nights would find us in the hotel's disco… Hellfire. Some great music, good crowd and generally a happening place.'
  3. 'Now these are things I would likely do on any happening evening.'
  4. 'But yet no one talks of Pondicherry as being a happening place, no one I have heard speaks of honeymooning in Pondicherry or Pondy.'
  5. 'Leeds was a really happening place in the 1960s.'
  6. 'A happening Hyderabad has been growing by leaps and bounds.'
  7. 'But of course, the fact that you meet all the happening people at the gyms is an added bonus.'
  8. '‘What is now the ground floor of the Free Trade Hall will be the happening place to meet in Manchester,’ said Mr Smart.'
  9. 'He's also said ‘citizenship’ will be used as a unifying force, an admission that unity is not a happening thing at the moment?'
  10. 'From there we went to Brighton Marina, partly because it's a cool and happening place to visit, but mainly because it has free parking.'


1. something that happens; occurrence; event.

2. an unconventional dramatic or artistically orchestrated performance, often a series of discontinuous events involving audience participation.

3. any event considered worthwhile, unusual, or interesting.

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