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(of fabric) woven by hand or on an unpowered loom.
  1. 'Rich traditions of decorative art, such as silver jewelry, embroidered garments, handwoven textiles, and architectural decor, are still practiced.'
  2. 'Romanian traditional, or peasant costumes, are made from handwoven linen.'
  3. 'Only, hand-spun and handwoven cloth can be used for a national flag.'
  4. 'Other crafts include lacquerware, handwoven carpets, handprinted textiles, and tie-dyed fabrics.'
  5. 'At current exchange rates, everything's a bargain - covetable leather goods and heavy Karnataka silk, handwoven carpets, temple carvings and spices, cashews, tea and coffee.'
  6. 'Traditional crafts have also had a long tradition of importance for items such as pottery, handwoven cloth, carved stools, raffia baskets, and gold jewelry.'
  7. 'While specialty men's stores employ salespeople who know a printed silk tie from a handwoven one, for example, few department stores do.'
  8. 'Harris Tweed can have its imitators, but only tweed handwoven in the homes of hardy Hebrideans can bear the orb mark and the stamp of authenticity with the HTA provides.'
  9. 'Striking items, both decorative and functional, are also crafted from handwoven sea cotton adorned with dyes and embroidery.'
  10. 'With black handwoven cloth wrapped round his head, this elderly Miao man looks satisfied with his life of hawking deep-fried dough cake.'


1. made on a handloom; handloomed.

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"silks can be handwoven."

"rugs can be handwoven."

"industries can be handwoven."

"textiles can be handwoven."

"cloths can be handwoven."

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