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Designed to be held in the hand.
  1. 'And their colleagues in civil dress with hand-held metal detectors were also present.'
  2. 'You could use them in chisels, mixers, fans, and hand-held scalp massagers.'
  3. 'In addition, ISRO has sent many hand-held satellite phones to the Andaman and Nicobar islands.'
  4. 'The study was conducted in Australia to estimate the crash risk in a jurisdiction where hand-held phone use is banned.'
  5. 'For instance, all these installations have frame metal detectors apart from hand-held metal detectors.'
  6. 'Clark says this move away from hand-held camera work effectively forces audiences to face the proverbial music.'
  7. 'A number of officers will also carry hand-held video cameras to gather intelligence.'
  8. 'He shot Tigerland almost like a documentary, with hand-held cameras and no make-up.'
  9. 'The first few items go on a magical speed, when Mangal Junior turns sticks into flowers, umbrellas and hand-held fans.'
  10. 'Among other things, this means the films are shot using hand-held cameras and no props are used.'


A small computer that can be used in the hand.
  1. 'This site offers the latest news, reviews, information and prices and discussion on hand-helds and smartphones of all kinds.'
  2. 'Palm, a PDA manufacturer, has installed three beaming stations in the sports complex so fans can download the latest Giants and visiting team statistics and roster to their hand-helds.'
  3. 'Beware of the hype because no matter what you hear, no hand-held is comparable to a laptop.'
  4. 'Currently the hand-helds have better colour discrimination (as this technical description explains, Eye-Borg registers only hue) but require contact or near-contact with the coloured surface being registered.'
  5. 'CNET Shopper is the best place to visit when you are trying to find the best hand-helds to buy.'
  6. 'I'm happy to work smaller than that but I'm not about to try to squeeze it down to fit on a Palm hand-held.'
  7. 'There's probably no great need for it on larger PDAs and hand-helds whose screen size is great enough for cursoring and zooming to be acceptable - Lie reckons about 150-300 pixels is the cut-off point for where it makes sense.'
  8. 'Much of his team's work is a form of humanitarian aid: cooperating with government agencies and the Red Cross, distributing notebook computers and hand-helds and setting up software without charge.'
  9. '‘Our route salesmen have benefited from the implementation of new route accounting software complete with new hand-helds for the drivers,’ says Erickson.'


1. held in the hand or hands: a handheld torch.

2. small enough to be used or operated while being held in the hand or hands: a handheld hair drier. noun

3. something small enough to be used or operated while held in the hand or hands: She traded in her bulky old movie camera for a handheld.

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"computers can be handheld."

"devices can be handheld."

"media can be handheld."

"people/places/organizations can be handheld."

"markets can be handheld."

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