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Make skilfully by hand.
  1. 'The man from Great Southern was presented a blue and white sash, a rosette, a specially handcrafted rug from the SAIS and a trophy.'
  2. 'Aesthetically, it stands apart from its Western counterparts, for each Indian piece is painstakingly handcrafted.'
  3. 'When I was young, my father gave me a beautiful, handcrafted chess set.'
  4. 'Her mum, Pauline Russell, has also handcrafted a doll, which she plans to raffle at Comrade Social Club in Old Road, Clacton.'
  5. 'Cecile Augherean will exhibit miniature/fine crochet as well as handcrafted Christmas decorations.'
  6. 'Why, Ethan Allen himself couldn't have handcrafted a finer spice rack.'
  7. 'A nativity scene handcrafted by children has been restored to provide a traditional touch to a village's Christmas celebrations.'
  8. 'The island temple will have all-granite handcrafted panels.'
  9. 'Applique, beadwork and silk thread are used to embroider these handcrafted articles, with camel hide being the main item for leatherwork.'
  10. 'The limitations of this ultimately low-tech, handcrafted sophistication are apparent, though.'


  1. 'Hence I use the linear qualities of these materials to create various forms and surfaces through techniques that parallel handcrafts.'
  2. 'Its leaves are used to cook and transport food, to make baskets and handcrafts, and it is even used to produce liquor.'
  3. 'There were many stalls in the car park offering craftwork, local foodstuffs, books, toys and handcrafts.'
  4. 'Presentations were also made to those who did the Brannra tests in handcrafts.'
  5. 'Senior Citizens Notes: Today we extend a warm welcome to Denise Phipps who will be illustrating various types of handcrafts, card & clay making etc.'
  6. 'These days a number of vendors use the facility to sell products ranging from fresh produce and cooked food through to handcrafts and clothing.'
  7. 'Throughout her life also, she created many articles of craftsmanship in knitting, sewing and other handcrafts.'
  8. 'The Connecticut Nurses' Foundation's Silent Auction, a tradition at Convention, offered bidding opportunities on 30 items ranging from handcrafts to a number of posters.'
  9. 'The Kenyan native sells African handcrafts to European clients, but she knows little about U.S. markets and they don't know she exists.'
  10. 'Having spent much of the 1970s educating himself in a stunning array of practical handcrafts, Manser took himself off in 1984 to find a way of life in which he could use his skills for greater benefit.'

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1. handicraft. verb (used with object)

2. to make (something) by manual skill.

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"beers can be handcrafted."